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Tiny Designs: Brilliant Box House With Bold Interiors

There is little doubt in the fact that contemporary design trends and architecture rely very heavily on clean and well defined forms along with simple rectangular geometry. Much of the modern world seems to be dominated by these innately simple yet incredibly stylish structures. The Box House, in Brasilia, Brazil reinterprets this tried and tested philosophy to provide a small housing option that is both elegant and ergonomic. Designed with a hint of playfulness and plenty of ingenuity by the architects at 1:1 arquitetura:design, the compact and cozy home is an ideal option for those who are not enthused by the image of large, opulent homes.

Box House by arquitetura design

Designed to suit the bachelor lifestyle of a young professional, the smart Box House does away with the excess and the unnecessary. A tiny living space welcomes you into the home through the large sliding glass doors, and a colorful kitchen in yellow and a small dining area are visually connected with it in an open floor plan. Glass is used extensively not only to balance the stoic textures of the concrete façade on the outside, but also to create a visually spacious and well-ventilated interior.

Sliding glass doors of the Box House

Drapes offer privacy for Box House residents when needed

Outdoor relaxation space with lounging options

Small service room inside the Box house

Smart use of space inisde the Box House

Occupying 700 square feet, the standout feature of the Box House is the fun and exuberant use of contrasting colors and textures. From rattan and wooden chairs to plush fabric and shiny lacquered surfaces in the kitchen, the tiny house surprises you with select decor that creates a chic, trendy ambiance. A compact modern bedroom in white and a small bathroom complete this fascinating space.

Constantly connected with the world outside and remarkably sophisticated, it is a wonderful small housing solution for those who cannot afford excessively lavish spaces. And what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in flair and functionality!

View of the living zone and the kitchen inside the small home

Colorful kitchen with bright yellow cabinets

Dining space overlooking the living area and the outdoors

Small modern kitchen inside the Brasilia modula home Box House

Unqiue decor and pendant light additions save up leg room

Floor lamp next to the couch idea

Compact bedroom with mirrored cabinets

The volume was created as a concrete box, with enough personality; the entries of the box are marked with a rusty steel form. Inside the building we have tried to use a very fun mix of textures, colors and Brazilian design furniture from the firms of Marcus Ferreira, Paulo Alves, Aristeu Pires, among others.

Natural rattan furniture inside box house

Modren Box House offers small housing solution

Glass walls blur borders between outdoors and interior

View of the Box House in Brazil

Floor plan of the stylish Box House

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