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Imposing Chandeliers That Aren’t Just For Show

Everyone wants to install a chandelier in their home. But the question is, what is the best style for your romantic abode? Chandeliers come in different colors, different shapes, and most definitely, different personalities. Depending on which room you put the hanging light fixture in, you will get a different interior attitude. If it’s in the living room, expect your guests to be welcomed with a regal atmosphere. Should you walk into the kitchen and catch sight of a delicate chandelier, then a feeling of elegance will wash over you.

Sputnik Chandelier / Penthouse design by Marc B. Spector

Hudson Furniture Mother Chandelier / Rlax Interiors

There’s no better way to describe the beauty of a chandelier than to compare it with the twinkling brilliance of shining stars. While many of us can’t claim a chain of stars as our own, we can, however,  substitute it with a stunning centerpiece of radiance. Take a look at some of the most whimsical displays of artificial lighting below.

Bigger Is Always Better

When it comes to chandeliers, size matters. The beauty of a chandelier lies completely in its grandiose presentation within the house. While smaller selections are a better fit for bedrooms and bathrooms, the living room and dining room are areas that should not suffer a reduction in size. Don’t worry about making too big of a statement. Quite the contrary, a grand chandelier in the foyer will enhance your home’s appearance, turning it from a mediocre wonder to a grand-slam masterpiece.

Here are some not-so-typical chandeliers that boast sophistication and charm:

Minotti Chandelier / Interior by Willman Interiors / Gina Willman

Black Vintage Chrystal Chandelier (The Cross Design) / Room by Gaile Guevara

Paul Ferrante’s Spiral chandelier / Room by Escobedo Construction

by Marcus Design Inc

A Little Color Never Hurt Anyone

More often than not, chandeliers stay on the safe side of the color wheel. They frequently string together crystal or glass pieces that are transparent. No fun there. Just like anything else in the design world, chandeliers can be made to exude a passionate glow. Not only will color bring out another kind of charisma, it will complement a more modern style. Not sure you want a red light fixture in your home? How about a red room accented by a simpler lighting arrangement?! Do you like the style below?

by Cara Cummins and Jose Tavel 

by Pani Jurek

Chandeliers can be made out of everyday materials, such as glass bottles or other DIY favorites. These types of chandeliers command the room in a quirky, whimsical way, a style that traditional light fixtures cannot accomplish. If you are looking to stand out, collect some bottles and hang them up! Also look for new ways to create one-of-a-kind chandeliers. Seashells, paper and even old photographs have all been used as building blocks.

Be Open To Ideas

With such distinctiveness comes great style. There are so many decorative possibilities.  No two lamps will be the same (unless you intentionally purchase two identical pieces). If you can’t set your mind to one style, take a look at some sample design options below. In the past, chandeliers were an honor only the extremely wealthy could indulge in. Good thing the privilege now extends to everyone!

by Slifer Designs

by Kathy Kuo Home

Atomic suspension Lamp by Delightfull

by Matheny Suspension

by Grossman Photography

Ochre Arctic Pear Chandelier / Natasha Barrault Design

You’ve seen just about every style of chandelier! From orb-like selections to floral-inspired pieces, chandeliers have become an icon of art and design.

Chandeliers are an interplay of fun, excitement, elegance, art and style. When the sun goes down and the darkness slowly creeps up on you, the floating sphere of luminosity will cast a brilliance far more beautiful than the monotonous hum of fluorescent light sticks.

Chandeliers re-emphasize the catch phrase “let there be light.” Indeed, let there be light!

Serena Chu

I write for decoist.

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