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Four Tips to Liven Up Your Hallway

Hallways, due to the fact that they are generally narrower than the average room and marked by long stretches of uninterrupted wall space, are often a hard space to decorate. Some people choose to ignore them and all their glory of decor opportunity. Others halfheartedly hang a photo or two, but never really commit to any cohesive design.

Modern hallway with recessed lights

by Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc.

However, a few creative homeowners and design enthusiasts have found excellent ways to use this space. Here are some great ideas for decking your halls.

CONSOLE TABLES – Just narrow enough to fit the space, but not so narrow that they can’t be adorned, console tables are a great touch for any hallway. Top with a small floral arrangement, small statue, stack of antique books, scented candle, family photo or any other miniature decor piece for a bit of stylish flare.

Bright hallway with console table

by Rachel Reider Interiors

Minimalist entryway suspended table

by Jennifer Weiss Architecture

PATTERNED WALLS – This is one of the few spaces in a home in which patterned wallpaper can be a welcome addition. Although hallways are high trafficked areas, most people don’t spend much time standing about and thus the pattern is less likely to become as trite as if it were placed in somewhere like a kitchen or bedroom.

Modern hallway with patterned walls

by Art&deco Hungary

Stylish entryway wallpaper

by Elizabeth Reich / wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries

LIGHT NEUTRAL COLOR SCHEMES – Too many deep, dark colors within a hallway will make the space seem too tight and can send guests into a Claustrophobic frenzy. Open up your hallways with plenty of bright, airy neutral shades and as much natural light as you can muster. If windows are absent, supplement with recessed lighting and soft glowing sconces.

Bright hallway with neutral colors

by Forum Phi

Modern hallway with neutral colors

by John Maniscalco Architecture

BOOKSHELVES – A hallway can be an excellent place for a collection of books – especially if your home lacks space for a proper in-home library. Fill the space with colorful volumes and small trinkets. If your hallway is too narrow, consider recessed built-in shelving. If nothing else, this will offer a little entertainment for guests waiting in line for the bathroom at your next gathering.

Hallway with stylish wall-enclosed bookshelf

by Koch Architects / Joanne Koch

Carrie Dagenhard

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