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Modern Beauty Salon In Sydney Dazzles With Its Sustainable Interior Design

A trip to the local hair and beauty salon is as much about relaxation and rejuvenation as it is about getting a fabulous makeover. Designed with cool ingenuity and green intent by Facet Studio, the gorgeous Blu Creativity Hair and Beauty Salon is a space that allows its clients to escape the hustle and bustle of busy Sydney life. Located in the heart of Sydney’s vibrant Chinatown, the Japanese salon showcases an interior that is draped in ample natural ventilation and a hint of greenery.

Blu Creativity by Facet Studio

While most beauty salons feature opaque walls along with sleek, polished interiors that seem like a natural extension of sophisticated urban residences, Blu Creativity explores an entirely different style. Large drapes and stylish partitions replace the rigid traditional walls, while semi-transparent curtains and glass windows ensure that there is little necessity for artificial light inside the salon. Not only do these thoughtfully designed features give the entire area a dynamic and organic appeal, they also considerably reduces the power consumption of the salon.

Stylish waiting area inside the Sydney Salon

Waiting area inside the stylish Sydney hair and beauty salon

Design idea for a modern hair and beauty salon

Drapes and green wall inside beauty salon

Large mesh frames featuring green plants also give the space a fresh, invigorating appeal. A beautiful waiting area, small scale plantation and breezy ambiance ensure that your soothing massage and trendy makeover seem all the more pleasant. Elegant and exquisite, this chic new Sydney salon embraces nature as a constant companion!

Hair and beauty salon in Sydney suburb

Sustainable hair and beauty salon in Sydney

Interior of the Blu Creativity Salon in Sydney

Relaxing design of Blu Creativity in Sydney by Facet Studio

Spacious and soothing interior of Blu Creativity

Styling area of the salon

Beauty salon floor plan

Photos by Andrew Chung

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