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Lavish Beverly Hills Residence Brings Home The Holiday Retreat Style!

Laurel Way Residence in Beverly Hills, California is all about bringing together unconventional design and exotic opulence together. One look at this exquisite home and you might well believe that you have landed suddenly in one of those stunning Bali Resorts that promise a spectacular tropical getaway. Designed by Whipple Russell Architects in a distinct holiday resort style, the entire residence is draped in three tiers of greenery and two dazzling water structures that simply take your breath away. Visually grand on the outside, the interior of the residence is equally plush as it showcases a classy contemporary style.

Aerial view of Laurel Way Residence in Beverl Hills, California

The entrance of the Beverly Hills homes sports a fabulous water and fire feature that gives you a glimpse of the visual contrasts that await inside. Designers bring together a multitude of elements such as glass, water and wood to create an interesting and inimitable setting that is full of surprises. A lovely infinity edge pool, refreshing Jacuzzi and a series of outdoor patios not only allow you enjoy the life outdoors, but also offer unabated views of green canopy and distant skyscrapers.

Water and fire feature at the entrance

Entrance to the Laurel Way Residence

Exterior of the lavish Laurel Way Residence

Modern parking garage of California home

Exclusive 5-car parking in the Beverly Hills House

Ingenious water feature with pool

Infinity edge pool at the Laurel Way Residence

One aesthetic idea driving the creation of Laurel Way was that each room or space should be a jewel box, an individually conceived, precisely functional and dramatic sensory experience with its own depth of architecture. Central to the composition are many of Marc Whipple’s signature elements, one being the use of texture; smooth next to rough stone, rich wooden panels against glass, and glass reflecting water.

Interior of the Laurel Way Residence

Smart pendant lights in modern Californian home

Stunning modern living room in wite

Spacious contemporary dining area with fireplace

Stylish modern kitchen California house

Art gallery styled corridor

Luxurious home theater design

The interior is clad in cool neutral colors with white and grey taking up much of the space. A sleek and stylish living room, a contemporary kitchen and an elegant dining room are all combined in an open floor plan. A moat-like water feature that surrounds the house offers a sense of security even while enhancing the dramatic look of the place.

Extravagant and exclusive, this definitely is a dream home in one of the most happening neighborhoods of LA!

Modern artwork on the walls

Contemporary bathroom with floating vanity

Floating staircase above an interior landscape

Outdoor terrace with dining space

View from the wooden terrace of Laurel Way Residence in Beverly Hills

Street facade of the Beverly Hills Home

View of the terraced Laurel Way Residence

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