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Luxurious Swiss Villa Sizzles With Spectacular Views And A Plush Interior

How would you like to spend your days taking in the sight of imposing mountains and the lovely Lake Lugano with the sight of Milan in the distance, on a clear day? With its striking contours and sleek, urban look, House Lombardo designed by Philipp Architekten promises all that and a whole lot more. Combining stunning natural views with luxurious contemporary delights, the modern four-level villa pampers your senses in every way possible. Set in a rustic backdrop, the impressive façade of the residence is distinct and stands out instantly.

Facade of House Lombardo in Switzerland

The most striking feature of this stylish luxury retreat is the inviting infinity pool nestled in one of its upper levels. With the weather in the region staying pleasant for the better part of the year, owners of the place are bound to more spend time outdoors than indoors. Large glass windows and doors connected the upper levels seamlessly with the extravagant terraces, walkways and patios outside. The interior of the house matches the panoramic views outside in its grandeur as plush decor and contemporary design style win you over.

View of Lake Lugano from House Lombardo

Four level villa in the Switz Alps

Infinity terrace pool at the Swiss Villa

A dip in the infinity pool

Stylish pool with a view of the mountains

Refreshing outdoor patio with view of the alps

The aim (of the project) was to gain the best benefit of the unique panoramic view. The spaciousness of the living area merges visually with the overwhelming nature, emphasized by using transparency, different views and perspectives.

Lovely 270 degree viewws from House Lombardo

Open living area with lovely views

Stylish modern ding space with a wonderful view

House Lombardo's kitchen with fabulous views

A peek outside the kitchen window

Modern kitchen in white

Architects of the villa have employed both concrete and glass extensively to bring in the urbane appeal, while the use of wood has been kept to a minimum. With the living area and the bedrooms offering unabated, 270 degree views of the gorgeous landscape all around, House Lombardo is well and truly a dream home to drool over!

Beautiful chandelier steals the show

Contemporary bathroom inside House Lombardo

Floating bathroom vanity in wood

Spa-like modern bathroom at home

Large pendants at the entrance

Outdoor lighting at the swiss villa after sunset

Lavish House Lombardo in Siwtzerland

White modern facade of House Lombardo

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