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13 Dark Bedrooms With A Subtle Halloween Vibe

Celebrating Halloween every year is a lot of fun, but it also puts us through a lot of work. Decorating, cooking, choosing or making costumes, these activities propel us towards that day of October 31st that we’re so eagerly waiting for. Although Halloween is all about scary, out of this world things, we should make sure that style is not a missing element.

Subtle Halloween Decor for the Bedroom

Even before decorating the porch and choosing your pumpkin carvings, the rooms in your home should be analyzed in order to become part of this year’s Halloween theme. But what about the bedroom? How do you decorate a place where guests might not have access to during the Halloween party?

Elaborate Halloween decorating might not be on everyone’s list though, so this is where creativity comes in. Stylish elements that hint to this holiday’s spirit can be used to compose a bedroom atmosphere fit for this scary time of the year. All Hallows’ Eve was meant to help us remember the ones who left this reality realm and it’s our choice how we present this holiday to ourselves, our family and guests.

Bedroom Themes for Halloween

Decorating your bedroom for Halloween can include some subtle decorations that prove you haven’t forgotten the place where dreams (and nightmares) flourish. When you see the Halloween Holiday as a means of living in an alternate universe for a day, possibilities abound.

Since vampires are known for spending a lot of time in their coffins, your bedroom can exploit that idea in a scary theme. Or maybe you prefer to showcase the creepy side of your home in a haunted house scenario, where abandoned fashion takes central stage.

From festive decorations to the Halloween menu, everything must be carefully designed to express your level of love for this holiday. Using skulls, graveyard stones, vampires and witches, spiders, bats or black cats, decorations convey a sense of worldly celebration, while themes help organize you and your decor.

Details Shape the Perfect Bedroom Halloween Decor

If guests are staying overnight, your guest bedrooms help extend the Halloween vibe into the night. Pillows with Halloween design are easy to find or your can use your DiY skills to add felt elements or sew scary silhouettes on them. Candles help create the atmosphere needed for a creepy Halloween, just make sure there is no danger of anything catching on fire, since you only want to mime danger.

Pumpkins, on the other hand, make the connection between autumn harvest and the holiday celebrated on October 31st. They’re seen as ambassadors for a fruitful harvest but also serve as support for dramatic carvings or child-friendly decorations, completing the Halloween decor. The easiest way to decorate the bedroom for this autumn holiday is to choose Halloween bed sheets. It’s up to you to choose the best Halloween decor ideas for this year’s party. But it’s up to us to inspire you in this journey.

Colors and Non-Colors for Halloween

Vivid colors like orange or red make Halloween exciting, but choosing a black and white theme for Halloween speaks about elegance. If you think using these two non-colors to decorate for Halloween does not get you the results you want, add just one or two colored details to brighten up the space. Maybe some “blood” drips on the sheets or will give you that edge you were looking for. Or the bright orange pumpkins lit from inside can become the focal point on a black and white background.

Black window silhouettes are an easy way to decorate your bedroom windows and get the maximum impact. Colors like red, orange, black, grey give you the opportunity to play around, while shapes and materials help construct a three-dimensional scene. Mix and match with creativity and you will be proud of this year’s Halloween decor.

Light and Darkness in the Bedroom

Within a dark bedroom, a Halloween atmosphere seems easier to obtain. Just a few details can recreate a frightening decor. In this case, candles are your allies in creating a spooky feeling. Their usual warmth is surpassed by the chills they’re able to offer in a Halloween-related environment.

And if your bedroom is dark enough, it sometimes doesn’t need anything more than the actual Halloween holiday to hint towards creepiness. Enjoy decorating!

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