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20 DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

Halloween is less than a week away and if you want to get your house ready for the day, then you need to get started right now! Over the past few weeks we have offered you plenty of Halloween-specific lighting and decor inspirations. But nothing beats the cool DIY projects that allow you spend a few hours with your family while you come up with your own unique and inspired creations. Halloween wreaths are simply a must have as a decorative come this October 31st.

DIY Halloween Wreaths

One of the joys of Halloween is to pass by eerie-looking front yards and scary doorways as you marvel at the creativity of each design. Halloween wreaths offer an easy, fun and often inexpensive way to decorate your door, while not compromising on the spookiness scale. From Goth to glittering skulls and felt to flying bats, here are 20 DIY wreath projects that you can give a shot over the weekend –

Skulls, Spiders And Some Spook!

DIY Glittery Skeleton Wreath

If you want to make a bright visual statement, then this is the wreath for you. And unlike many other wreath designs, it takes very little time and effort. Just some glitter, a few skulls and a simple wreath will suffice. If you somehow have any creepy glow-in-the dark skulls, that works too! [from: Please Note Paper]

Glittery halloween DIY skeleton wreath idea

Vintage Skulls and Spider Wreath

Here is another great wreath idea that looks different and also quite classy. The vintage look is the flavor the season and this skulls and spider wreath has a cool factor that is simply undeniable. Crafted using vintage papers with circles, some acrylic paint and a black frame, it carries a rugged, old Wild West charm! [from: mod podge rocks blog]

DIY Halloween Vintage Skeleton Wreath

Stylish DIY Bat Wreath

Love to throw some cool bats together using a silhouette machine along with a twig wreath? This lovely wreath looks really crafty, yet is ultra-simple to create. Just make sure you get the silhouette right and the rest is just about using hot glue. [from: carina gardner]

Halloween bat paper wreath DIY

Eerie DIY Snake Wreath

You must have come across plenty of hearths that use bats and spiders, but snakes are definitely something new. And when you think about it, they seem to be a perfect fit for the wreath. Crafted using a simple wreath, plenty of plastic snakes and black spray paint, it does have a certain dark appeal about it! We tip our hat to its ingenious maker… [from: mcillece spot]

Spooky Halloween Snake Wreath DIY

Really Spooky Halloween Wreath!

We call it a ‘really spooky’ design because it is the only one that comes with the word. An old grapevine wreath was used to create this design along with some black paint (yup, that seems a must for almost every Halloween DIY project) and an old sign that spells out the word spooky. Throw in a plastic cobweb or two along with some satin string on top and it is ready for Halloween week. [from: just a girl blog]

Spooky halloween wreath

Black spooky halloween wreath

Gorgeous Halloween Grey Wreath

This is an absolute minimalist’s delight and we love this wreath not just for its aesthetic brilliance, but also for the simplicity it brings along. All you need here is a Styrofoam wreath, some yarn and those bat silhouettes we discussed above. Best part is that you can get it done in under $7! Add some orange and black strips if you want a more Halloween vibe. Perfect idea for the dorm room. [from: eighteen25]

Simple and Cheap Halloween Wreath DIY Idea

Goth-Styled Halloween Wreath

Not all of us are fans of big, black birds. But if ravens and crows perched on a wreath is your idea of a perfect front yard, then this is the DIY wreath idea for you. The Goth-like design is indeed pretty stylish and it does look outstanding when set against a shiny, white door. Imagine a bit of smoke and dim purple lighting along with this and the image of Goth is complete. [from: katydidandkid]

Goth styled Halloween wreath DIY in Black

Fun Spider Web Wreath

There is room for some fun wreath designs as well and this one is as adorable as it gets. Now, making a spider look cute is a hard task and this wreath does that with amazing ease. Original and delightful, it is break from the usual. [from: kaminskis creations]

Fun spider web Halloween wreath DIY

DIY Halloween Glam Wreath

Trying to mix some chic Hollywood glam along with the usual Halloween fear factor? The pale white of this trendy wreath gets the task accomplished with ease. Combining ghostly white with creepy black, it almost makes us feel a touch uncomfortable. There is nothing cartoony or over the top about this grave-looking design! [from:  days of chalk and chocolate]

Glamourous and spooky Halloween wreath in white

Hanging Spider Web Wreath

This project has been crafted using a pair of ladies pantyhose to create the spider’s web design in the wreath! An easy DIY wreath to fashion, all you need here is a Styrofoam wreath and the giant spider to hang precariously at the center. You can add orange and black ribbons to make the design far more attractive.[from: lizziejanebaby]

Black and white Spider Halloween Wreath

Colorful and Crafty

Felt Flower Halloween Wreath

Halloween is indeed all about an orange overdose and if you cannot get those little pumpkins on as a wreath, then why not go with the warm and fuzzy felt. The beautiful wreath fills up any space it adorns with ease and the hints of black all around complement it perfectly. You can improvise with additional decorations, but the wreath in itself looks simply fabulous. A great DIY project for this weekend! [from: livinglocurto]

Halloween Felt flower wreath DIY

Scary Night Yarn Wreath

This is not all that different from a simple yarn wreath and if you have one already done, then just add a spooky scene as the backdrop to finish it. Obviously intricate embroidery looks really great and adds texture, but 3D prints are work as wonderful substitute too. [from: etsy]

DIY Halloween Yarn Wreath

DIY Ceiling Medallion Wreath

Couple a small orange wreath with a painted black ceiling medallion and you will be stunned at the sophisticated result that you achieve. There is very little else to do here other than to put the hang giant circles together in style. For sheer simplicity, this DIY takes the top honors. Spray, wrap and hang… Simple as that! [from: Madigan Made]

Black and orange Medallion Halloween wreath

Lace Halloween Wreath

Gran an old lace jacket and some satin ribbon from the dollar store and use a foam wreath to create this sleek and glossy wreath. You will be giving that old jacket a brand new lease of life and put it squarely in the spotlight come Halloween. [from: craftily-ever-after]

Gorgeous Lace Halloween Wreath

Close up of the Lace Hearth

Colorful DIY Candy Corn Wreath

At the heart of this DIY design is a feeble foam wreath that soon disappears in a bright and delightful bundle of color. Get half a yard of orange, yellow and white fabric along with loads of pins and get started with this beauty. Spend a couple of fun hours pinning away and your candy corn wreath is done! [from: the house of smiths]

Bright and Colorful Candy Corn Wreath DIY

Black Licorice Wreath

How about treating your guests with some licorice right away? Considering how tick-or-treating is such an integral part of the Halloween night, a licorice wreath is not a bad idea at all. The big orange flower was made out of paint chips, but you are free to experiment with some orange candy as well. Talk about a wreath that gives you a sweet tooth! [from: saved by love creations]

Black Licorice Wreath DIY Halloween

Licorice Wreath Idea

Upcycled Candy Corn Wreath

Is that old and dull twig wreath just sulking in the basement year after year? There is no need to throw it out just yet. In fact, showcase it as a prized possession this Halloween. All you need is some spray paint in white yellow and orange. Once again, it is the simplest of ideas that delivers an amazing makeover. A perfect wreath if you love both recycling and Scandinavian design! [from: in between laundry]

Upcycled Candy Corn Halloween Wreath DIY

Happy Halloween Wreath!

Time to move away from the more scary and gruesome side of Halloween to a more fun and celebratory mood. This bright and bubbly wreath gets that task accomplished by using what seems like a truckload of ribbons! It definitely stands out when place alongside the more gloomy wreath designs. And the big ‘31’ is a nice touch to go along as well; just in case someone like me forgets the date. [from: tatertots and jello]

Cheerful halloween wreath DIY

Happy Halloween Wreath Idea

Paper Plates and Cookie Sprinkles

It is hard to imagine a Halloween wreath crafted from paper plates and cookie sprinkles, but when all done, this looks exquisite indeed. Grab 50 white paper plates, a grapevine wreath and some cookie sprinkles along with a hot glue gun to get started on this snazzy wreath [from: blue sky confections]

Paper plates and cookie sprinkles halloween wreath DIY

DIY Yarn Ball Wreath

And we finish off our look at these crafty DIY with a yarn ball design that even the laziest among us can pull off. Some Styrofoam balls, plenty of yarn in black, white and orange and a hot glue gun are all you need. If you do not have time for any other DIY wreath design, the surely this is the saving grace. [from: poshpea]

Halloween Yarn Ball Wreath DIY

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