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Dynamic Private Residence In Argentina Sports Generous Social Areas

Nestled in a wave of natural green and located in a peaceful retreat in Pinamar, Argentina, the Costa Esmeralda is a venture that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Buenos Aires. Surrounded by young acacia and pine trees, this lovely private residence offers a wonderful getaway that promises peace and tranquility coupled with contemporary luxury. Shaped largely in concrete and glass, the Carassale House by BAK Architects, creates a fluid and vibrant atmosphere as the lines between the outdoors and the interior are blurred thanks to an exquisite, open design.

Outdoors becomes a part of the private retreat

The house was created to serve the needs of a young family with three children. Yet, the owners of the residence wanted an array of sleeping options that were both ergonomic and efficient, in order to accommodate friends and family over the weekends. Social areas have been given plenty of importance as an outdoor wooden deck, fireplace and dining area make for a great party zone that seems like a natural extension of the indoors.

Outdoor deck of Carassale House

Social area at the heart of the house

Fireplace inside the house

Modern kitchen in concrete and wood

Open floor living plan of the Argentinian Home

It was decided to locate the house in the central area of the property which is the highest in elevation. The design builds around an existing tree to separate the two sections of the home. A young maritime pine will become the main character over time.

Concrete used extensively by BAK Architects

Glass windows create open interiors

Pendant lights above the dining table

Beautiful recessed lighting

Carassale House after sunset

The guest bedrooms showcase a cabin-styled atmosphere and are detached from the main house in order to offer those inside the privacy that they need. With four bedrooms, a stylish modern kitchen, spacious dining area and a refreshing backdrop, the Carassale House effortlessly combines the virtues of a rustic lifestyle with modern amenities. The rugged landscape and the private terrace are simply the icing on the cake!

Bedroom with lovely views

Bunk beds in the guest bedroom

Modern bathroom connected to the bedroom

Fabulous private residence in Argentina

Soothing Argentinian getaway

Sliding glass doors open up to the backyard

View of the Carassale House

Natural green around the Buenos Aires residence

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