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Trendy Taipei Home Sports Sparkling Color And Minimal Design

Combing several different design styles to create consistent interiors can be indeed a challenging task. That becomes a touch trickier when you need to bring together two different styles that are generally perceived as polar opposites. Yet, Tint by Ganna Studio manages to do so with chic style and an inimitable charm of its own. Located in Taipei, Taiwan the apartment effortlessly amalgamates cool modern minimalist design scheme with fashionable eclectic overtones. Sporting a vivid array of colors and textures, it is a wonderful example of adding select classical décor to a contemporary setting.

Bright orange mirror frame in the living room

Vibrant colors and a brilliant use of bold shades are features that stand out instantly the moment you step inside Tint. Bright oranges have been combined with gentle neutral grays, while fluorescent greens and cool aquamarine shades have been splashed around carefully to create a fabulous interior. Much of the apartment is clad in sleek and stylish minimalist design with dark black surfaces and lacquered kitchen cabinets bringing in the modern vibe.

Hint of turqoise green sparkles through

Sleek and stylish dining table

Contemporary pendant lights above the dining table

Gorgeous dining area in dark hues

Stylish collection of glassware in the dining room

Vintage chest blends in with the minimal style

Owners of the home wished for a space that was modern in its outlook and yet, managed to incorporate some of the classic furnishings that were part of the collection. A blend of textures, contrary shades and improvised spaces was created to effortlessly fit in their needs. Dazzling pendant lights and space-saving shelves complete this refreshingly beautiful Taipei apartment. Surprising its residents at every turn with ingenious additions, Tint showcases exclusive aesthetics and efficient ergonomics.

Lovely cabinets in aquamarine

Plush bedroom in neutral shades

Smartly decorated small bedroom

Elegant crafted bedroom with sliding doors

Glass shower area next to the bedroom

Vivid combination of green and orange

Colorful backsplash in the bathroom

Luxurious bathroom with modern accessories

Sherry Nothingam
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