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Exclusive Belgrade Penthouse Combines Dynamic Design With Plush Décor

An opulent penthouse design is not just about creating a generic space with a glittering design and pricey furnishings. The true essence of an incomparable space lies in its unique character and a matchless style. Located in Belgrade, Serbia, this cool penthouse combines an array of amazing textural elements to create a vibrant and appealing residence. Designed by Gradnja, interior of this elegant space reveals quite a few surprises as you move from one room to another. Presenting a distinctive take on modern design, the home incorporates several different surfaces and styles in an effortlessly flowing fashion.

Living space of penthouse in Belgrade

Contemporary design is not just about creating homes that embrace a sleek style that is accentuated by clean and well defined lines. There are times when visual and textural contrast enhances the appeal of a space even while focusing on a uniform theme. One of the striking features of the luxurious penthouse is the stone wall in the living room that stands in contrast with the clean and polished surfaces all around it.

Fascinating pendant lines and cleverly placed recessed lights ensure that there are no dark corners around. With an ergonomic kitchen and a lovely dining area, covered in surfaces ranging from glittering lacquer to polished wood, the theme of contrasting elements is carried throughout the penthouse.

Plush seating in the penthouse living room

Stone wall behind the couch

Interesting coffee table design in the living room

Smart kitchen and dining area

Beautiful pendant lighting in the kitchen

Bright and appealing purple accents have been used to lighten up the interior and give it some much needed color. Unlike many other current houses, the penthouse uses a dark color palette with rich browns, greys, and blacks being used most often. Large windows provide plenty of natural light during the daytime and lovely drapes in dark shades provide ample privacy when needed.

A plush bedroom with a compact study nook, a gorgeous kids’ bedroom draped in pink and spacious contemporary bathrooms round up this exceptional and inimitable penthouse in Serbia.

Spacious dining area in the Belgrade penthouse

Lovely use of drapes in the dining space

Chaise lounge in the living area

Bedroom in rich, dark tones

Study space in the bedroom

Kids' bedroom in pink

Warbrobe doors in kids' bedroom designed like playhouse

Contemporary bathroom design in white

Glass shower design in the penthouse

Towels used to bring accent color

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