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12 Lavish Luxury Hotels Promise Opulence Hidden Away From The World

You can read a million pages and go through a ton of snapshots, but actually travelling and visiting places in person is an experience that is truly unmatched and obviously far more valuable.

A great holiday not only offers you a unique and unparalleled experience, but it also refreshes you with millions of fascinating new sights, sounds and tastes. Add to this already thrilling voyage the prospect of putting your feet up in complete lavishness and unmatched luxury and you have a couple of weeks ahead which will leave behind memories for a lifetime. The dazzling dozen that we have here, offer a getaway that is not just breathtaking but also a private and secluded escape studded in extravagance unparalleled.

So let’s delve in to uncover the droplets of traveling delight; we have 12 amazing places to choose from —

1) Secret Bay, Dominica

Mesmerizing sunset at the Zabuco Honeymoon Villa

The Caribbean is a region simply filled with natural riches and great beauty that seems both endless and timeless. It is one holiday where generally the party never stops. But on the island of Dominica, the eco-luxury resort of Secret Bay offers an escape from the rest of the world.

An aerial view of the secluded secret beach

Located on a cliff top and giving a glorious glimpse of the Azure Caribbean Sea, its vivacious villas assure some surreal sunsets.

Bedroom in the Mapou room with lovely wooden furnishings
Enjoy the ocean view as you take a dip in the infinity pool

Address: Ross Blvd., Dominica
Phone: (767) 445-4444

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