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Historic Quebec Home Gets A Cool Contemporary Extension

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood in Dorval, Quebec, Canada, Chemin Bord du Lac is a 200-year-old home that has an aura of its own. With a classic interior laced in wood and stone, the original home is still as impressive as it was a couple of centuries ago! But with changing times and the growing needs of the home’s owners, a new extension along with renovation of the old structure was planned for this beautiful house. The task of adding a modern vibe to Chemin Bord du Lac was taken up by Henri Cleinge and the result is a fabulous combination of the old and the new!

Chemin Bord du Lac by Henri Cleinge

Standing next to the stoic stone structure, the new extension sports a wooden and glass façade as it offers cool contrast. This creates a fascinating visual as several different textures are packed in together with elegance. Interior of the new contemporary addition includes two double height living rooms that offer a spacious and airy look. Extensive use of glass allows for those inside to stay visually connected with the backyard and the refreshing pool at all times.

Gorgeous views from the living space

High ceilings create airy interiors

Contemporary bedroom inw hite and gray

Large sliding doors for privacy

Spacious modern kitchen in wood

A lavish wooden pool deck also seems to usher in a modern vibe even as a lovely wooden bridge connects the new block of the historical house with the existing one. Smart renovations in the original Chemin Bord du Lac ensure that the sense of contemporary design is carried throughout. A cool neutral color scheme and plush modern décor complete the elaborate transformation effortlessly.

With contemporary renovations gaining popularity, this trend of mixing the traditional with current design seems to be the way of the future. It saves on resources while preserving the original heritage of existing structure. This is truly a smart way to bring together the best of both worlds!

Stone walls of the existing structure of Chemin Bord du Lac

Interior of the Chemin Bord du Lac

Home office in the attic

Ergonomic modern bathrooom

Stylish pool and deck area for the Chemin Bord du Lac

Modern facade in glass and wood

Modern extension to the classic Quebec home

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