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Lavish Interior And Lovely Views Shape P-901 Residence In Mexico City

Located in Bosques de Las Lomas, in Mexico City the P-901 is a private residence designed by Craft Arquitectos in a refreshingly modern manner. Conventional partitions and a design plan that largely relies on walls to demarcate individual rooms are done away with in the P-901. The home uses lighting and solid blocks of varying heights for zoning of space in a remarkably modern manner. With gorgeous views of the landscape outside becoming an integral part of the interior, the luxurious residence paints a picture-perfect image.

Open interiors of the Bosques de Las Lomas Home

The balance among the various elements used to craft the house is simply outstanding. Wood, glass, stone and steel complement each other beautifully to create a multitude of harmonious textures. An open living plan welcomes you inside with a large living area, a beautiful book display that steals the show, spacious dining space and an ergonomic modern kitchen. It is the fabulous home library/book display with a comfy Eames Lounge Chair at its heart that stands out as the remarkable feature of P-901.

Living room in gray of P-901

View outside the Mexico City Residence

Beautiful lit living room of the lavish private residence in Mexico

Chandelier above the dining area

Large windows in the bedroom

Lovely interiors of P-901 Residence in Mexico

Large glass windows ensure that the view on the outside makes a sweeping presence and a plush bedroom brings in a sense of airy opulence. Colors and décor are kept largely neutral and smart recessed lighting gives the home its unique aura even as it accompanies natural light during daytime in a poised fashion.

The trendy and elevated wooden cubes both in the living room and the bedroom are an interesting idea that other homes could adopt as well. A home office enclosed in sliding glass doors completes this contemporary home with resourceful additions.

Modern dining area in the Mexico City Residence

Spacious living room with plush decor

Stylish book display in the living room

Eames Lounger at the heart of the small home library

Smart shelves offer a space saving idea

Smart floor lamp for the study

coo llighting in the bedroom

Luxurious bedroom of the Mexico City private residence

Bathroom attached to the bedroom

Ergonomic bath space next to the bedroom

Small conversation nook in the bedroom

Home office concealed in glass

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