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Mobile Bus Home: Smart Renovation Wheels In Ergonomics And Ease

Combining the trend of the tiny housing movement and mobile homes, Architect Hank Butitta has come up with this space-conscious and stylish set of wheels. A renovated mobile bus home is nothing new as a design concept. Yet, it is still a relatively rare phenomenon with most people sticking to the traditional housing solutions. The smart design by this innovative architect incorporates many cool features that bring greater comfort to the compact interior of the mobile bus home.

Restored Bus Mobile Home parked next to the highway

Lovely wooden surfaces, savvy shelves that disappear when not needed and innovative seating that double up as bedding make up a few of the creative ideas this renovated bus presents. Butitta acquired an old bus for $3000 and spent another $6000 on the refurbishment and restoration. The revamped interior is clad in unpolished wooden surfaces that take away the feeling of residing inside a bus.

Interiors of the Restored Mobile Bus Home

Wooden Interiors of the Restored Bus Home by Hank Butitta

Smart storage space inside the mobile bus home

Comfortable seating space inside the mobile home

A cool kitchen, bathroom, large seating spaces, compact dining area and storage units were incorporated to complete the makeover. Two rooftop skylights allow those inside to relax and enjoy a beautiful sunset and even hang a comfortable hammock for a guest inside the school bus house. Hank Butitta’s mobile home is indeed a great solution for those looking towards cheap and flexible housing options. Completed for under $10,000, it sure sounds a lot cheaper than most homes!

Perfect for those who love to travel and explore around the world, motor homes are a trend that is quickly catching on; especially with the avid backpackers. Bringing together the freedom of travel and the functionality of a complete home, the mobile bus home is all about taking affordable housing a step ahead. Hank Butitta intends to drive this point home with a 5,000-mile trip across US and we wish him nothing but the absolute best.

Relax inside the mobile bus home

View inside the renovated bus home Hank Butitta

Extra sleeping space inside the mobile bus home

Renovated Bus Mobile Home allows you to travel with comfort

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