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Cool Californian Home Offers Exquisite Views And Serenity With Style

Renovations and home upgrades are harder than they appear on the surface. They require careful planning, right execution and ample creativity. Owners of the Portola Valley House in California wanted a stylish modern vibe for their 1980’s residence. Nestled amidst lush green vegetation and sitting on a hillside, the revamped home brings together luxurious interior with wonderful a view of the woods. The project was completed by Mark Brand Architecture, who altered the old living plan with open and flowing contemporary style.

Portola Valley House in California

One of the first things the architects did was to replace the old sunroom with a fabulous dining area. The interior was opened up to the lovely views outside with large sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The spacious deck area becomes a natural extension of the home itself as the boundaries between the indoors and the exterior are cleverly blurred. Colorful and plush décor grace the living area that has a gorgeous fireplace at its heart.

Open deck area with a view

Colorful ottomans on the open terrace

Fireplace and plush decor light up the living room

Stylish floor lamp stands out in the living area

Modern interiors of the Portola Valley House

Chic kitchen counter seating

Sleek shelves in the kitchen at the Portola Valley House

A sleek and ergonomic kitchen, spacious dining room, lavish bedrooms and modern bathrooms complete the renovated house. While the street façade of the building hides away the interior daftly and offers plenty of privacy, unabated views of the canopy greet you on the other side. Stainless steel railings and staircases add to the visual appeal of the revamped structure. Rustic on the outside and contemporary on the inside, the Portola Valley House now exudes a cool and breezy vibe.

Colorful furnishings at the California home

View from the ergonomic modern kitchen

bedroom with a view of the woods

Stylish bedroom with a fireplace

Sculptural additions to the bedroom

Textured tiles inside the bathroom

Glass shower enclosure in California home

Night view of the Walkway

Lovely lit passageway at the Portola Valley House

Elevated strucrure of the Portola Valley House

Beautiful lighting takes over at night

Sherry Nothingam
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