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Home Swings: Relax and Dream Both Indoors and Outdoors

Reminiscent of those carefree moments of pure childhood and with the power to re-frame those constantly distancing times, swings have fascinated us in many shapes and sizes. This suspended, oscillating objects help us relax in ways we dream of since our first encounter with a swing.

Swing your cares away

Whether they’re made out of wood, rubber, plastic, rope, or repurposed things like tires or pallets, swings appeal not only to children, but everyone who can still feel that part of them vividly living life as a game. We might have changed the games we play in adult life and even the rules we play by, but there is a pure pleasure in swinging like a child without a care in the world.

modern swing (1)
Swing under MVRDV”s Balancing Barn

Simple ideas are often the best ones, as architects of MVRDV proved by hanging a swing under their stunning Balancing Barn, this holiday home in Suffolk, UK. Inspirational, practical and fun gathered under a carefully planned concept, this particular swing location (under the 15 meter cantilevering structure) puts things into new perspectives.

Swinging under the Stars

And how about the fabulous Swing Lamp from BCXSY? It marries the fun part of swinging with an even more fun lighting system, creating a dreamscape where the illuminated swing takes main stage. Light and movement merge to create a feeling of freedom and privacy, upgrading the relaxing swinging movement to a luxurious experience. Since childhood, when we used to swing whenever we felt like it, we have grown to appreciate the times we allow ourselves to completely forget worries and just enjoy the repeated ups and downs.

modern swing (10)
Swing Lamp from BCXSY

The porch is where a swing set would traditionally be found, but we have come to love this concept so much that we brought it inside under different forms. Some people like to swing themselves to sleep in swing beds, others prefer to feel the breeze on a swing in the garden. Here is where interpretation and perspective intervene.

Bring Fun Inside

Designers construct new ways for us to enjoy this handy method of relaxation. The bedroom can easily become a place where a swinging bed paves the way to a comforting sleep, just as well as the patio can become your favorite place by adding a hanging outdoor bed that swings.

How do you swing?

modern swing (2)
Swing hanging in a double-height room
modern swing (3)
Colorful bedroom adorned with a swing
modern swing (4)
Enjoying the outdoors from a blessed location
modern swing (5)
Modern outdoor swing set by Usona
modern swing (6)
Diy palette swing
modern swing (7)
Awesome indoor tire swing
modern swing (8)
Swinging goes beyond a simple swing design
modern swing (9)
Hanging outdoor daybed to enjoy in the summer
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