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Westbury Crescent Residence In Perth Gets A Sustainable Modern Makeover

An efficient and smart design is not always about throwing out the old and bringing in new tech gadgets and innovations. Sometimes, a perfect makeover is one that uses existing features of a home and accentuates it using beautiful additions. A contemporary unit added to Westbury Crescent Residence by David Barr Architect to give the traditional house a modern facelift, is a wonderful case in the point. Added to the existing structure without disturbing the original façade all that much, the new functional kitchen and dining area has become the new heart of the home.

Westbury Crescent Residence in Perth

The new all-white unit was added after doing away with an old standalone laundry space that was both dingy and unproductive. An ergonomic contemporary kitchen with clean and well defined lines and an airy dining area have replaced it. Use of large floor-to-ceiling glass windows ensures that there is a constant connectivity with the backyard. Beautiful bathroom and a new laundry area have been created that combine privacy with plenty of natural ventilation.

Floor to ceiling glass windows offer visual connectivity

Ergonomic kitchen and dining space

Renovated interiors stay connected with the backyard

Low cost corrugated skin on the outside offers lovely contrast when set next to the old brick house. With a stylish link space connecting the two units and the world outside, both the structures make an inimitable couple that leaves a lasting impact. The expansive use of glass means assures well-lit and airy interiors during day while low-energy LED lights take over after dusk.

Economically and ergonomically smart, this is a renovation and addition project that focuses squarely on smart frugality. One look at the Westbury Crescent Residence and you will realize that sustainable design is not about extravagant energy-saving solutions that are unaffordable for most!

Interiors of Westbury Crescent Residence by David Barr

Modern bathroom in white

Existing facade has been altered minimally

New contemporary kitchen and dining unit in white

Modern addition to existing space

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