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Under Cabinet Lighting Adds Style and Function to Your Kitchen

With the movement of technology, under cabinet lighting became a highly rated addition to every kitchen. Not only does this type of lighting add style to the overall interior of your kitchen, it also makes the space fully functional and performing at its best. With the use of cabinet lighting, the light in your kitchen is evenly distributed and from various options like the puck lighting, linkable, plug-in, dimmable, linear and concealed, you are sure to find multiple options that work for you and your kitchen space.

Ultra modern glossy kitchen with under cabinets lighting
Under cabinet lighting ideas for your kitchen

Image: MG Designs Inc – via

Yes, you can make food preparation in the kitchen easier, safer and create a kitchen that looks fabulous at the same time. The two ways through which you can enjoy under cabinet lighting is through accent lighting and task lighting. Whether your choice of lighting is fluorescent, xenon, halogen or low voltage LED cabinet lights, you are sure to bring out the full potentials of your kitchen with the following ideas.

Modern under cabinet lights come in a variety of types

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Task Lighting:

The task areas in the kitchen are those areas found directly over the kitchen sink, stove and the countertop. In order to enhance the functionality of your kitchen and also beautify it, a single or multiple recessed lights over the stove, sink or countertop will do the magic.

Modern kitchen cabinets with recessed lighting

by Robert Legere Design

Stylish lighting under kitchen cabinets

by Anne Fougeron

Since fluorescent fixtures are more economical while properly illuminating these areas, it would top the list of task lighting options. There is also the low voltage linear track which you can dim when you want to and the cooler xenon.

Lighting will provide a safer and more enjoyable kitchen

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Assess your kitchen lighting needs before hand:

When deciding on lighting ensure your kitchen has the proper areas for preparing, cleaning, cooking and dining. Assessing your family’s eating habits, and lifestyle will help you make a sound decision about under cabinet lighting. If you need help, visit your local home improvement or lighting store and bring pictures of your kitchen. This will help them give you ideas on what type of lighting fixture will work best for your home.

white kitchen under cabinet lighting

Image: Design Line Inc – via

Accent Lighting:

Having taken care of the task lighting, it is time to improve your kitchen’s lighting system more with accent lighting. With this type of lighting, you are able to add that extra touch to your kitchen while at the same time making it a fun-filled space as far as meal preparations is concerned. Does your kitchen have tray ceilings finished in crown molding? Then accent lighting is encouraged and the lighting options open to you are LED rope light or a low-voltage track light. A good way to highlight your countertop and backsplash.

Streamlined under cabinet lighting idea

Image via: Meister Construction – via

Elegant under cabinets lighting for your kitchen

by Laura Burton Interiors

With the under cabinet lighting, you can create an amazing ambient light in your kitchen, especially if you opt for accent lighting in those cabinets with glass doors. Who says you have to spend a million bucks before you can improve your kitchen. Enhancing the look of your kitchen in anyway helps, to a large extent, in increasing its market value all year round.

Would you add under cabinets lighting for your kitchen?

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