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Forecasted Design Trends for 2013

I was lucky enough to attend Design Camp in Seattle last week, a two-day seminar created and hosted by designers Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis. Besides being a total blast, the seminar was packed with valuable information, including which trends you should be on the lookout for in 2013. Get ready for some ahead-of-the-curve spaces and up-and-coming trends for the rest of the year!

Published in House Beautiful and photo via SFGate

Organic Color

According to Bill Indursky, founder of V&M, the trend we are currently experiencing is what he calls “Raw Wood.” Focused heavily on raw, organic elements, this trend centers around pickled wood, natural wood beams, weathered textures, and raw metals with their gorgeous patinas. The main color trends are earthy tones, such as the monochromatic scheme of beige-on-beige. In addition, after a while away from the scene, brown is the new black and is returning as a staple for designing your organic space. As our economy continues to recover from its 2008 crash, people are looking to implement designs that are eco-friendly, safe, and timeless.

Photo via Unburro
Photo via Robert Brown Interior Design
Photo via Taylored Interior Design & Construction
Designed by Stedman Blower Architects and photo via Freshome

Old is Gold

Bill also told us that an important thing to note about trends is that the best way to look ahead at where we are going, is to look back at where we have come from. Trends tend to make a reappearance after about 25-30 years, so the 80’s are back, baby!

The trend forecast for the third quarter of the year is called “Pattern Play.” You thought you saw the last of bold, pop art colors (think Andy Warhol!); typography, monograms, and lettering; bright resin accessories and furniture; and flat, stenciled patterns or murals that look (or are) handmade, but they are going to be the fresh, fun, flashy face of Q3 2013.

Photo via Remodelista
Photo via Pottery Barn
Photo via Ikea Family Live
Photo via Contemporist
Photo via DIYstencils’ Etsy store
Wall Paper by Wall & Deco and photo via One Kind Design

Kitschy and Surreal

Approaching in the final quarter of the year, Bill refers to the next trend as “Dramatic License.” This trend is all about turning typical proportions upside down and having a bit of fun! Revolving around kitschy, cartoon-like, almost surreal elements, this trend will bring us a bunch of Tromp L’Oeil and faux bois effects, as well as what Bill calls “Flintstones’ furniture” of exaggerated, overblown proportions. In addition, prepare to see some interesting mixes of sizes, textures, and finishes as well as the reappearance of shag carpeting (oh, please, no!).

Photo via Rags to Couture
Photo via Pink Friday
Photo via SleepyKing’s Etsy store
Photo via Simes Studios
Photo via Atomic Indy
Photo via Kathy Kuo Home
Photo via Lifestyle Floors

Tune in later in the week for future 2014 trends, as well as what tomorrow holds for kitchen and universal design.

What elements do you expect to see in 2013? 2014? Which trends do you love? Or wish weren’t resurfacing? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Editor’s comment: I also hope the shag is left back in the 80s!]

[Erika’s comment: You and me both!]

Erika West

I write for decoist.

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