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Glass Door Refrigerators: Ideas for a Transparently Brilliant Home

A glass-front refrigerator is a kitchen trend that is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Just like the stainless steel kitchen countertop, the glass door fridge was primarily a component of the commercial kitchen. Yet, there is nothing that is stopping you from inviting it into your own home. That is precisely why so many modern homes and contemporary kitchens have gone down this transparent road.

Fabulous kitchen in blue and green with a 30-inch wide integrated glass door refrigerator

by GE Monogram

While they do bring with them an array of challenges, glass door refrigerators fit in perfectly with the modern architectural and design trends. The use of glass and the stainless steel frame are a welcome addition to any present-day kitchen. In both aesthetics and ergonomics the glass door refrigerator delivers like none other. Here is a look at some of the kitchens that have incorporated one into their setting with ease-

Classy modern kitchen in green with glass door refrigerator that steals the spotlight

by EW Kitchens & Extraordinary Works

Glass door refrigerator with an air purifier adds a unique textural element to this home

by Sub-Zero and Wolf

Open glass refrigeration brings sophistication to this classy kitchen

by Erin Hoopes

Giant glass front refrigerator offers ample storage space
Stunning and sleek kitchen with glass front refrigerator

Put on a Chilling Display!

Adding glass to the doors of a refrigerator is just like adding glass to the doors of your kitchen cabinets. Essentially, the effect is the same and all you are doing is creating a greater display area for collections of crockery and glassware that you own. A refrigerator with glass doors is something that needs to be maintained with utmost care. If you plan on simply throwing in anything and everything into it, then maybe it is not the best option for your kitchen.

Exquisite contemporary kitchen with a lovely transparent glass door refrigerator

by Cornerstone Architects

Stylish glass door refrigerator for a kitchen in neutral tones

Glass doors open up the inside of your fridge for display. You can use this in a tasteful fashion and fill it with fruits, vegetables and beverages contained in classy crockery. Remember to treat your glass-front fridge just as you would treat a beautiful display unit in your living room! Shabbiness takes away from the entire appeal.

Airy and spacious kitchen with ergonomic modern design

by Platt Architecture

Contemporary family kitchen with a glass door refrigerator in the corner

by Barnes Vanze Architects

Elegant modern kitchen with glass door refrigerator next to beautiful Wenge cabinets

by Danenberg Design

Sleek refrigerator with glass doors nicely used in a kitchen with largely wooden surfaces

by REDinterior

Small and open kitchen design with glass door refrigerator

by Holzheimer Interiors

Apparent and Efficient

The reason why professional kitchens sport a glass door refrigerator is simply to cut down on time that would be otherwise wasted trying to figure out the contents inside. While the transparent nature of the doors brings great functional value to commercial kitchen, it does little in a home kitchen. If you keep it tidy and organized, you will be able to know in a jiffy what contents it holds and which stocks are running low.

Beautiful cherry wood cabinets complement the glass door refrigerator perfectly

by Kitchens of Diablo

Gorgeous glass door refrigeration system perfect for the modern wine cellar

by Vincent Gregoire

Do not expect everyone at your home to also use a glass-front refrigerator in an equally efficient manner. Despite having transparent doors, you might still find you kids just waiting for you to dig something out that is right in front of their eyes!

A glass door refrigerator works well even in a modern living room!
Couple of glass door refrigerators at each end give this kitchen symmetry

by JFA Architecture

Cool glass door refrigerator filled with beer perfect for a mancave
Glass front fridge gives this kitchen a professional look

Lighting up the Dull Corner

Adding glass helps in bringing brightness to an otherwise dull corner. The internal light of the glass refrigerator also helps in lighting up this little area of the kitchen. This glow can work along with other layers of lighting in the kitchen to provide a picture-perfect look. Glass door refrigerators can be used in places other than the kitchen as well. Putting one in a man cave or even the living room will give the place a unique appeal. Since they appear both classy and contemporary, glass-front fridges never seem out of place.

Warmly-lit modern kitchen makes for an inviting setting

by Beckwith Interiors

Sub-Zero stainless steel glass-front refrigerator filled in an aesthetically pleasing fashion

by Clarke

Despite glass door refrigerators having many advantages, they are not for everyone. If cleanliness is not high on your agenda or you are on a tight budget, then they are not the best option. Yet, if you wish to give your kitchen a stylish, sleek and contemporary upgrade, few things work as well as a glass door refrigerator.

Marvel glass door refrigerator perfect to stack up beverages in both the home bar and the kitchen

by Creative Design Construction

Perfect way to incorporate glass door refrigerators in a modern kitchen space

by Betty Wasserman

Traditional kitchen design with a glass door refrigerator that blends in seamlessly

by Jack Arnold Companies

Modern kitchen in dark color scheme with glass door refrigerator

by TruLinea Architects Inc

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