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How to Create Your Own Backyard Retreat

It’s easy to take advantage of personalizing your indoor space. A few pieces of furniture, carefully selected wall art, vases, lighting fixtures, area rugs, throw pillows – regardless of personal style almost every home includes some combination of these items. However, very few homeowners take advantage of their outdoor living space.

Extremely cozy backyard patio

For some, an outdoor space is nothing more than a few square feet of balcony space, but for those fortunate enough to have an entire yard, the opportunities are practically limitless.

Here are some helpful ideas for creating your very own backyard retreat:

Beautiful backyard design: fancy chairs, a warmly firepit and a lap pool

Use water features. Flowing water has a calming effect – which is why fountains have existed within gardens and sacred spaces for centuries. A small fish pond with a manmade stream, a fountain, a swimming pool or Jacuzzi can help transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis. Even a simple bird bath can give your backyard that special edge.

Contemporary backyard retreat landscape

Plant flowers and shrubs. Even if they’re only alive for a few months out of the year, flowers can bring any yard to life. A few strategically placed shrubs, flower beds and herb gardens can help turn your outdoor area into a lively space perfect for pensive personal moments or parties with friends and family.

The perfect backyard retreat

Invest in comfortable seating. Nothing is less inviting to guests than hard metal furniture devoid of cushions. Instead, choose cozy chairs, chaise lounges and benches with plenty of washable cushioning. Additionally, a small café table and a few small chairs can make a perfect spot for an intimate breakfast or an afternoon glass of wine.

Add statues and accessories. To give your backyard even more personality, select a few garden statues or other accessories with character – such as recycled metal sculptures, elaborate panted bird houses, unique planters or large colorful rocks. Just like your interior space, your backyard should reflect your own individual style.

Crazy perfect backyard with playground near pool
Luxurious backyard retreat with fancy pool and lots of stones
Backyard retreat with fancy patio furniture
Backyard landscape design with barbeque
Modern bedroom with views to the backyard
Beautiful backyard landscape design
Luxurious backyard pool with lounge chairs

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