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67 Unique Natural Flower Arrangements For Your Home

Are you trying to add a little something to your gorgeous home but not sure what exactly to go for? Stop thinking furniture or furniture accessories, and go for an amazing flower arrangement that will set the mood for your whole home without breaking the bank.

by Amy Lau Design

Renowned  American botanist, Luther Burbank, has found out in the early 20th century what latest health studies have revealed only a few years ago – that flowers may actually have health benefits (especially in older people). Burbank used to say that flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. So how about we take his word for it and add some. Today we’re be bold enough to say that flowers not only add life to a room, they add plenty of positive effects on our emotional well being.

Kitchen flower arrangements

We like to keep things simple. Therefore we at Decoist think that there are two principles for a stunning kitchen; a highly functional design and contrasting colors throughout the kitchen for a dazzling atmosphere. The latter can be achieved with all sorts of accessories, but also with flowers – which allow for change whenever you need to perk up your kitchen’s design.

A dark kitchen will be turned to life with white or yellow flowers, while a bright kitchen would go great with purple, orange or even red.

Ultra modern kitchen flower arrangements

by Braam’s Custom Cabinets

Modern flower arrangement for the kitchen

by Esther Hershcovich

Minimalist flower arrangement in the kitchen

by David Howell Design / Pic @ Bjorg Magnea

Red flower arrangements for the kitchen

by Michael Kim Assoc

Traditional white kitchen with purple flowers

by Structures Building Company

Beautiful kitchen flower arrangements

by ZeroEnergy Design / Greg Premru Photography

Purple and white orchids in the kitchen

by Rikki Snyder

Beautiful yellow kitchen island flowers

by Narofsky Architecture + ways2design / Phillip Ennis Photography.

White kitchen with purple flower arrangements

by Croma Design / Photo by Virginia Macdonald

Purple flowers for the kitchen

by Emil Lansky

Beautiful kitchen flowers – roses in a bowl

Courtesy of HomeMakerOnaDime

Orange kitchen flowers in a white setup

by Amoroso Design

Flowers for the dining area

A sophisticated meal goes a long way with the beauty and the simplicity of a flower arrangement on your dinner table. There’s no need for posh napkins and cutlery holders if you choose the right colors and forms. White and green (or even yellow) can be combined with a darker table and brighter kitchen cabinets. A contrast between your walls and those purple, orange or red tulips is nothing short of inspiring. One last thing, remember that long flowers and big vases should be great in a large open space – on top of this, it allows for plenty of styling.

Yellow flowers on the table in the dining room
Beautiful dining table flowers

by JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

Colorful flowers for a pop of color on your table

by Bilden Corp

Orange tulips for the dining table

by Terrat Elms Interior Design

Stunning dining table with flowers

by Morgan Howarth Photography

Beautiful dining table flowers in pink


White dining room with purple flower arrangement
Red and yellow dining room flowers

by thirdstone inc / Photography – Merle Prosofsky

Purple and green flowers in the dining area

by Rebekah Zaveloff

Traditional dining area with beautiful flower arrangements

by knowles ps

Rustic dining table with wooden flower vase

by Key Residential / LAIR Architectural + Interior Photography

Living room flowers

Flowers in the living room should be an easy task; just head to the local market and buy some fresh flowers and they should work well with whatever environment you have. I’d say this is partially true. Unlike other rooms where you want to surprise people, in the living room it’s all about matching colors as much as you can. An elegant place requires for rather elegant, simple flowers. A more modern begs for you to play with shades. White and green, together with white and purple are probably the best choices you can make. But don’t forget darker nuances which you can use to blend with your interiors.

Contemporary flowers arrangements for the living room

by Kelly Hoppen Interiors

White tulips arrangements in the living room

by Rikki Snyder

Contemporary living room with purple flowers

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Living room with colorful flowers

by Shelley Gardea

Blue flowers in a bowl

by Atmosphere Interior Design

Stylish minimalist living room flowers

by Webber + Studio, Architects

Living room with stylish flowers

by McClellan Architects

Living room with beautiful flowers

by Bruce Bierman Design

Blossomed flowers in the living room


Bedroom flowers

Flowers have a strong healing energy of beauty and grace. According to Feng Shui tradition it’s not only about colors, it’s also about the number of flowers you want to add to your bedroom, about balance. Our suggestion for creating the most sensual atmosphere in the bedroom is to go with delicate flowers like peony, lotus, cherry blossoms, orchid, narcissus, or chrysanthemums. Their scent is not too powerful allowing both for a great sleep and a stunning visual appearance.

Modern bedroom with stylish flowers

by Croma Design / Mark Burstyn Photography

White flowers in a bowl near the bed

by Jodie Rosen Design

Beautiful nightstand flowers

by Brian Dittmar Design / Photography by Emily Payne

White Asian flowers for the bedroom

by Dear Lillie

Attic bedroom with fresh flowers

by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Flowers in vase for the bedroom

by Knudson Interiors

Colorful bedroom flowers
Blue cottage flowers in the bedroom
Colorful bedroom with purple orchid

Courtesy of ListOfImages

Flower arrangements in the office

Researches have discovered that having a pleasing decorated aquarium with beautiful fish at home, can help reduce stress levels, reduces blood pressure and soothe your senses in a way you never imagined. I’d say that the same goes for a vase with fresh flowers with plenty of green and purple hues. Not only will it relax your mind, but having an amazing flower arrangement in your home office should help with anything having to do with your creativity levels. How about these ideas?

Elegant flower arrangement for a home office

by CANDICE ADLER DESIGN / Photographs by Studio 53 – Alex Anton

Home office with white tulips in the vase

by What’s Inside Design / Tracey Tomtenen Photography

Amazing flower arrangement for home office

by Digs By Katie | Katie Leede & Company

Modern home office flower arrangements

by Kimberly Demmy Design / Daniel O’Connor Photography

Asian inspired home office with fresh flowers

by Laura Hardin

Adding life to your home office with a huge leaf in a vase

by Marcel Page Photography

Contemporary home office with beautiful white and green flowers on the desk

by Sutro Architects / Aaron Leitz Photography

Fancy home office flowers in a white and red environment

by Jessica Lagrange

Fancy purple flower arrangement for the office

by Brad Ford ID

Cozy home office with blossomed flowers

by Supon Phornirunlit – Naked Decor / Photo: Larry Olson

Bathroom flower arrangements

Some bathrooms need a revamp, but others just need a spot of color to make them appealing. If you have considered flowers you’re onto something great. I’d go for darker flowers that would contrast with the furniture and all other bright accessories you have in there. I’d also advise you to show your personality by not following any rules of design — the more different your arrangement is, the more beautiful, unique and striking it will appear.

Bathroom flowers – white and purple

by Andrea Braund Home Staging & Design

Beautiful flower arrangements in the bathroom

by Pillar Custom Homes

Beautiful red flowers in the bathroom

by Jaque Bethke for PURE Design Environments

Beautiful bathrooms flower arrangements

by KellyBaron

Stylish bathroom flower arrangements with pink hues

by Pinnacle Mountain Homes

Bathroom flower arrangement in a huge base

by Slifer Designs

White orchids to bright up a dark bathroom

by Rick Hoge

Spot of color in the bathroom

by Garret Cord Werner

Style flower arrangement for the bathroom

by Tracy Miller/Miller Greene Design Studio / Photography-Lars Fraser

Asian bathroom with white flowers

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech / Architect – Oded Tal

Beautiful flowers in the bathroom

by AM Dolce Vita

Fancy flower arrangement in the bathroom

by Suite 102

Beautiful tulips and yellow tree branches in the bathroom

by Works Photography Inc.

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