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The Rippling Effect And a Bold Design Statement for Your Home

We all have contact with water everyday – it’s our source of power, sparks life and boosts our inspiration. Just think about how much water is part of our daily lives – we consume it, use it for washing, cooking and cleaning, we relax while swimming, use its power to generate electricity and whatnot.

We even have sayings about water, sayings which remind us of our own power. “Mind like water” is one of my favorites – it originates from the idea that water drops cause the surface to ripple, but once the influence of the dynamic drop is gone, the water returns to its original calm state.

Spectacular red wall effect for office spaces

The amazing force of water has been captured in many designs over the years.

After seeing the fascinating ways water has inspired a wide range of elements in our home, we are interested in the way a specific action causes a spectacular effect captured by talented designers in a range of wall accessories for the home.

Modern Ripple Walls

Water is the cradle of life that we have learned to use, recycle, love and fear. Its power inspires fascinating home decor, as you can imagine. Ripples on the walls create stunning effects, whether you’re installing them in your home, office, restaurant or anywhere else their beautiful shape is required. The Ripple Wall from 3Form Studio was designed to mimic the fascination of a playful undulation seen in water movement.

Pristine white Ripple Walls for an elegant touch

Featuring an easy-to-install configuration, these fascinating textures for walls come in a wide range of finish choices: 3form C3 color, wood veneer, polyresin, color laminate, anodized aluminum and even bespoke materials. Combinations are endless and all you need to know is where you want them displayed.

The Ripple Walls undulate along the walls to create a concentrated focal point that helps you define a specific style for your chosen room ensuring a fabulous wall design. They display a bold elegance captured in a modern dual curve, giving the impression of depth.

Illusions can help you create a stunning home office or a relaxing bedroom design – if you can dream it, it can be done.

Grey rippling effect in an inviting office space
Natural colors create a soothing atmosphere
Purple ripple wall adorning a beautiful bar area

Modern Ripple Tiles

Besides the contemporary Ripple Walls, we came across another inspiring way of creating ripples of admiration among your guests – the Ripple Tiles. These modern tiles are made from fiber collected from manufacturers of paper products, as well as recycled paper collected from homes and offices.This eco-friendly twist makes the Ripple Tiles not only beautiful in shape, but also helpful to the environment, closing a recycling loop with the possibility of being recycled themselves.

Adding color and texture to a part of the wall or even a whole room is easy with the modular 3D wallpaper tiles – the 12-inch tiles showcase a design suited for creating different installations. They are perfect for both temporary use – using tape for easy removal – and permanent use – with the help of adhesive. Designed by Jaime Salm for Mio Culture, the modular paper tiles also known as PaperForms were designed in such a way that they can easily and selectively be replaced, reducing unnecessary waste.

Beautiful and dynamic blue wall design
Natural color choice for the Ripple Tiles
Bold red Ripple Tiles can’t go unnoticed
Creating a focal point with white Ripple Tiles
Modern interior displaying elegant Ripple Tiles

Mixing and matching ripple walls with other materials in your home helps create a balance in the overall design. The fascinating colors and textures create a three-dimensional design that actually changes the reality of everyday life. Imagine yourself surrounded by permanent reminders of water’s influence on our lives – I for one would love to become part of the inspiration, as well as spread the word about these inspiring home accessories.

Now it’s your turn!

Where do you see these amazing installations in your home?

Ada Teicu

Ada always dreamed of transforming her love for writing into a lifestyle. Passionate about all things beautiful, from faithful dogs to homemade cooking or climbing her beautiful homeland mountains, she was very much into interior design and architectural wonders. Ada is from Timisoara, Romania, loves purple and turquoise and her all-time favorite c[...]

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