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Fluorescent Decor: Neon Interior Design Ideas to Brighten Your Space

It’s no secret that neon is back–you can spot it from a mile away! Which is why we love it! Decoist recently featured an article about implementing neon colors tastefully, and the growing popularity of fluorescent hues has inspired another post on neon design ideas. Just as neon shades have re-entered the fashion realm by appearing as clothing pieces (like shorts) and accessories (like necklaces), they can put their stamp on our interiors as furniture pieces (like chairs) and accents (like neon floral art)!

Remember that a little goes a long way. In fact, sometimes neon stands out most when it’s one component of a multifaceted room. Also keep in mind that neon isn’t just for modern spaces. Below we’ll show you how neon can shine in the form of surprising touches that demand attention whatever their size!

Neon Furniture

Design enthusiasts are increasingly using neon furniture to make one or two bold statements that infuse a space with color. Take the sophisticated office below. There’s nothing more unexpected than a neon desk chair and desk pad! White walls and traditional elements are an intriguing contrast to these radiant pieces. [from Campbell Designs LLC via Buttercup Bungalow]

Then there’s the allure of a neon green poster bed! A floral comforter and white canopy would typically be more formal choices, but not in this room! Note how the fluorescent focal point is offset by another surprising selection: a purple side table. [from House to Home]

Speaking of interesting color combinations, a vivid blue room is the perfect backdrop to sheer yellow tables and a neon pink living room chair in this photo by Nicolas Matheus[from Canter & Cave]


And neon pink is equally fetching when set against the background of deep gray wallpaper with rosy accents. Muted artwork gives the space a layered, elegant look, while the pink chairs truly bring it to life. [from Abigail Ahern via Housetohome]


Sometimes one bright statement is plenty. Jo Nagasaka’s Flat Table Peeled uses a neon-painted plank as a skinny yet striking surface. [from Designboom]

And we can’t forget about the acrylic statement pieces of Alexandra Von Furstenberg in all of their neon glory! Take the Radiant Acrylic Coffee Table in green, as shown below. The item also comes in vibrant hues like pink and blue.


Neon Accents

Furniture aside, it’s fun to hunt for accents that make a room pop! Like the neon chandelier below. Who would have thought such an ornate space would boast a fluorescent centerpiece in acid green? [from Ital Design Furniture via Apartment Therapy]

Speaking of eye-catching lighting, a neon tubing installation takes the place of flames in the fireplace below. Throw in a bright basketweave chair, and a modern room is born! [from Housetohome]

Once again Alexandra Von Furstenberg brings her design magic to the neon realm, this time with an Acrylic Soiree Tray in green. As with most AVF products, these tabletop treasures are available in a variety of colors.

Neon ceramics are an amazing way to introduce a pop of color into the home. The A-Z Collection from Maison Sauvage brilliantly showcases the work of artist Nicole Mueller:

The A-Z Collection offers a variety of colors and styles on a limited scale, as shown by these next pieces in shades of neon pink and yellow. [from Maison Sauvage]

For a stunning contrast of dark and bright, check out Mueller’s A-Z Black Line, shown below. [from Maison Sauvage]

Neon DIY Projects

An empowering aspect of the neon design trend is the way it has infiltrated the world of DIY projects. Bloggers and crafters alike are coming up with their own methods of embracing the bright. Take the neon floral arrangements and artwork of Sania Pell, who creates “photo sketches” of compelling visuals that serve as sources of inspiration for future design projects. For the arrangement below, she makes use of neon acrylic paint to brighten hydrangeas:

Berries are the natural find of choice in the neon botanical that follows, also from from Sania Pell:

Glass vases get a fluorescent face lift in this next DIY project. There’s just something about a bit of neon in a room of white! [from Pimpelwit Interior Styling & Design via Apartment Therapy]

DIY-ers have happily discovered the wonders of flagging tape, which can be purchased in abundance at an affordable rate. The decorating possibilities are endless! In the image below, the tape in used to create streamers for a holiday vignette. Pine cones are embellished with fluorescent gouache, and gaffer tape in neon pink is used to wrap a desk lamp. [photo by Marvin Ilasco via Anthology Mag]

Flagging tape can also be used to embellish vases with pops of color, as shown below. Folding the tape creates variation in thickness and width. [full tutorial at Mirror80]

We end with an easy DIY project from The Proper Pinwheel. Fluorescent spray paint enhances simple modern planters, transforming them into true works of art!

Neon brightens our interiors and takes the concept of bold design to a whole new level. Consider starting with a strong statement or two, then expanding your neon palette while making sure it doesn’t overwhelm your space. Unless you’re looking to transform your home into an art installation (and more power to you if you are), let neon pieces speak for themselves by giving them breathing room rather than surrounding them with other neon items. At the same time, a collection of neon vases or ceramics on a shelf top can make an unforgettable display! Happy decorating!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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