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Make a Statement with Spiral Stairs

Are you in the market for a spiral staircase? Not only is the repeating form of these structures visually interesting, they are the perfect solution for steep climbs, especially in spaces with limited room for a gradually sloping staircase that covers a lot of ground. But which design is right for you? Are metal stairs too hard on the knees? Are wooden steps too traditional?

Below we’ve gathered an assortment of images that showcase spiral staircases in all of their cylindrical glory. Check out the spaces in the images that follow, and see if a particular design catches your eye. Pay attention to building materials, especially if you’re in a position where you can help make decisions about the construction of your staircase. At the very least, enjoy some stylish pics of amazing modern interiors!

An Overview of Spiral Staircases

Around and around it goes… Another amazing quality of spiral staircases? The spectacular view from the second floor! Really helps you appreciate the design involved in creating these spiraling wonders, doesn’t it? [from Fulcrum Structural Engineering]

Wooden and metal spiral staircase

Need to move from a ground-floor ‘point A’ to a top-level “point B?” Thanks to spiral staircases, you can go around and around to get there! Hey, it’s better than climbing a pole, right?! [from Mark Brand Architecture]

Spiral staircase with multiple bars

Ready to take a look at some specifics? Check out the spiral staircase designs below:

Wooden Staircases

Soft and strong, wooden staircases are solid and full of character. They can reinforce many a design style, from the ultra-modern to the  warm and rustic! Below we see a staircase that walks the line between contemporary and traditional. Or should we say “walks the curve”? [from Rossington Architecture]

Wooden spiral staircase

If you’re looking for a way to create contrast with an all-wooden staircase, keep in mind that these structures really stand out against the backdrop of white walls, as shown in the next stunning image. [from Tali Hardonag Architect]

Wooden spiral staircase overhead view

Our next featured staircase has railing that resembles the curves of a ribbon. Imagine a candy cane–all wooden of course! In fact, this staircase looks good enough to eat! [from Home Decorating Designs]

Wooden spiral staircase with ribbon-like railing

Metal Staircases

The metal staircase in the next image seems right at home in the industrial living room featured, especially since metallic air ducts are exposed for a contemporary effect. On a side note, isn’t that geometric rug subtly fabulous?! [from Chris Dorsey Photography via Houzz]

wModern industrial staircase

Metal definitely leaves its mark on the space below, a contemporary, cool-toned living room with an open, spacious feel. [from Maneli Wilson Interiors via Houzz]

Metal staircase in a gray living room

Many metal staircases have textured steps to create traction and prevent slipping. If you look closely at the staircase below, another view of the steps in the previous image, you’ll see a bumpy pattern… [from Maneli Wilson Interiors via Houzz]

Metal staircase in a contemporary living room


If you enjoy a monochromatic look, try matching your spiral staircase to the color of the wall! The white stairs in the next image are the perfect complement to this light and airy room. [from Ojanen Chiou Architects]

White spiral staircases

Glass Staircases

OK, so these staircases aren’t crafted exclusively from glass, but glass does play a key role in the construction! Metal, concrete and wood are often involved when it comes to staircases with glass railing. Our first featured staircase is fit for a museum. Wouldn’t you agree? [from Elite Metalcraft]

Glass spiral staircase

A little bit of spiral, a lot of style! This next glass staircase is perfect for a space with a view. In fact, glass staircases are often chosen for interiors with open, airy aesthetics. If you can see through them, they appear to take up less space. And why would you want to block the view outside?! [from Siller]

Glass and wooden staircase

Wood and Metal Staircases

The vast majority of contemporary spiral staircases are a combination of wood and metal. A perfect blend of softness and support, these architectural wonders create contrast through the use of two very different construction materials. Let’s start with a bang! The penthouse below features matching spiral staircases for double the fun. [from Sunflower Creations]

Double metal staircases
Double metal staircases

Spiral staircases are true showpieces. In the next image, we see the sweeping curves of a spiral staircase take center stage in a sparsely decorated modern home. [from Uptic Studios]

Wood and metal staircase in a contemporary home

Let’s hear it for the loft! We’re loving the old-fashioned look of this spiral staircase in the two-story library below. And the staircase itself is wonderfully contemporary. A great blend of old and new, don’t you think? [from Mark Dodge Design via Houzz]

Spiral staircase in a library

In another modern library, we see light wood and vertical metal bars beautifully combine to lead inhabitants from the ground floor to a treasure trove of books. If they’re half as interesting as the artwork, they’re definitely worth the climb! [from Seimasko and Verbridge]

Metal staircase in an artistic library

In this revealing close-up, we see slatted wooden steps, an intricate detail that makes wood and metal staircases extra interesting. Note how the horizontal lines of the stairs mirror the horizontal bars of the railing. [from Sorensen Architects]

Spiral staircase with slatted steps

Outdoor Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases: they’re not just for your interior… They are great solutions for the outdoors! [from Dorothy Howard Architect

Outdoor spiral staircase

Here’s a closer view of an outdoor spiral staircase. Take note of the metal construction,which is perfectly all-weather for the outdoor setting. This staircase makes one stop on the second-floor balcony, then a second stop on the roof! [from John Maniscalco Architecture]

Outdoor metal spiral staircase

Concerned about outdoor falls? You could always enclose the spiral staircase for extra protection! Check out the extra-safe staircase below. One more fun tidbit: it leads up to a roof-top putting green! [from Design Northwest Architects via Houzz]

Outdoor spiral staircase with protective railing

Not all outdoor staircases climb to the sky! The spiral beauty below leads to level two, then stylishly stops. We sure do like the look of it!  [from Lee Edwards Residential Design]

Short outdoor metal staircase

Whether your spiral staircase is a true work of art or simply a means to a vertical climbing end, there’s no reason not to have a little fun with the design. With a range of options, including interesting materials such as glass, you can fashion an end result that’s as eye-catching as it is functional!

Kate Simmons
Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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