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40 under stairs storage space and shelf ideas to maximize your interiors in style

One of the things at an absolute premium in cities and towns across the planet today is ‘space’. With the world seemingly becoming more and more congested and growth opportunities only presenting themselves in a vertical fashion, rather than horizontal, utilizing the available space to the hilt seems like an absolute must. When it comes to contemporary homes and fashionable interiors, designers and architects are pulling out all stops to ensure that every inch is used in the appropriate fashion.

Extravagant shelf space under the stairway

Storage spaces and stunning shelves under staircases are no longer an exception as home owners are starting to realize that all that room cannot simply be wasted. Here are 40 such ideas which come in varied shapes, sizes, forms and color schemes that will hopefully inspire you to renovate and incorporate similar features in your own home —

Spiral staircase with ample storage space underneath

by Glenn Gissler Design

Abundant shelf space to hide away the excess
Ample shelf space under a modern staircase

by Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

Appealing modern staircase in white with beautifully integrated shelves
Artistic stair shelves add beauty to the living room
Beautiful book shelf that matches the design of the stairs
Cleanly designed bookcase under the stairs

by Handwerk Interiors

Compact stairs with classy shelf space
Custom staircase with illuminated modern shelves

by Fiorella Design

Compact white cabinets under stairs
Contemporary staircase with minimalist book shelves in all-white

Ergonomic and Sleek

Having a storage space or few shelves under the stairway does not necessarily mean that you need to go out of your way to hide them. As the designs here showcase, you can in fact proudly parade them and display your prized possessions and art collection here. By incorporating shelves in different forms, not only can one just utilize this space, but also light it up beautifully to ensure it does not seem like a dull and neglected corner.

Decorative shelf under creative wooden stairs
Diversely decorated shelves hidden away by the stairs
Elegant shelf space designed parallel to the stairs
Ergonomic staircase storage

by Lipa – Wood & Stone Work

Exquisite wine storage unit under the stairs

by Rightwise

Fashionable shelves under stairs showcase well defined lines
Futuristic stairway in steel gray with polished shelves
Giant shelf space under the stairs
Gorgeous staircase with sleek and flowing shelves underneath
Huge hidden storage shelf under sleek modern stairs
Innovative wooden stairs sport innate storage shelves
Large storage shelf space under modern metallic stairs

Thinking out-of-the-box!

The best way to incorporate shelf space under the staircase at your own home is by thinking creatively and coming up with a solution that is custom-fit for your own house. There is no ‘one fit all’ solution here and depending on the materials you have used, the location of the stairs, surrounding furnishings and the space available, there are endless possibilities. From the modern to the minimalist, classic to eclectic, improvise to achieve perfect results

Modern living room sporting stairs with integrated shelves

by Ehrlich Architects

Shelf space for home office unit below the stairs
Simple storage space surrounded by stone walls
Smart storage shelf in white and red

by David Nosella Interior Design

Space conscious cabinets that vanish under the staircase
Spacious shelves under stairs

by James Cleary Architecture Photography by Barkow Photo

Storage space stairs multitask with ease
Storage space under stairs with eclectic decor

by Nurit Geffen-Batim Studio

Stylish and chic shelves beneath the stairs
Stylish wooden bookshelf under the stairs

by Richard Taylor Architects

Ultra minimalist staircase storage space in black and white
Use the space under the stairs to sport compact home office shelves

by Leslie Goodwin

Valuable and artistic storage shelves under wooden staircase

by Camber Construction

Vivacious and refreshing storage space under stairs
Wooden staircase with in-built shelf space
Utilize the room under the steps to stash away your books

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