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Luxury Home Decor With a Modern Feel

What is modern luxury? Today’s post asks that very question… Is it comfort beyond compare? Is it eye-catching decor? Is it plush surroundings? Yes, yes and yes! But luxury is defined differently by each person. The images below present a variety of modern takes on luxury decor.

From over-the-top accents to surprising details, the featured interiors challenge design conventions by going one step beyond. Perhaps it’s an unconventional use of color, a combination of compelling textures, or an unexpected display of decadence. What does luxury mean to you? Take a look at the pics and see what inspires you:

Modern luxury is…

Tall vases of red blossoms against a background of stripes

Are you looking to warm up a modern space? Try striped wallpaper or decorative paint, then place an urn-like vase of elegant blooms in front of it. The room below showcases furniture from the Cambia Collezione by Alta Moda, complete with floral arrangements in shades of red.

Red flowers in a luxury living room

Elegant furniture in a glossy setting

There’s nothing like glossy surfaces to offset antique-style furniture with gilded trim. Want to put an unexpected twist on the arrangement? Keep decor minimal, and make sure furnishings aren’t packed too closely together. [from Alta Moda]

An elegant display of modern furniture with antique flair

White walls and crystalline accents

Bright white walls, acrylic lamps, a shimmering mirror and an aqua crystal on the side table… These shiny touches make this bright living room designed by Jarlath Mellett anything but ordinary. [from Lonny]

A white living room with sparkling details

Reflective surfaces

Even on the coldest of days, the next featured space is elegant and welcoming with a series of reflective surfaces. A mirrored trunk coffee table, acrylic bench and shiny couch-side lamp all contribute to the light-enhancing glow. [from Dwelling Designs]

A living room filled with reflective surfaces

Plush Sectional Seating

It’s all about the cushions in the space below. Tufted sectional seating is welcoming without being casual. Berry shades are introduced through couch pillows, while a blue-gray sofa combines with draperies in a similar hue to keep the tone cool and elegant. [from Dwelling Designs via Houzz]

Sectional seating in a vibrant living room

Regal shades of blue and gold

A royal palette puts its stamp on this living room designed by Celerie Kemble and Anna Burke. Just as compelling as the color combination is the way it’s presented in the space. A swirly mineral-like pattern appears on architectural posts in vivid blue, while gold detailing on furniture creates a powerful impact. The two-toned geometric rug ties it all together. [from Lonny]

Regal shades of blue and gold

A monochromatic living room with icy details

In the next featured room designed by SHH, white is the color of choice. White seating, white carpet, white walls and white draperies. It’s safe to say that there won’t be a lot of red wine served in this space. But that’s small price to pay for design this good. Throw in some metallic pendant lighting, round tables and a glistening accent wall pattern, and the look is complete. [from Home Trend Design]

A monochromatic living room

Intriguing touches that catch the eye

A fuzzy pillow. A gold side table. A black leather chaise lounge. A dash of fire-red coral. Is there an accent in this living space designed by Michelle Adams that isn’t spectacular? [from Lonny]

A luxury living room with metallic accents

An intricate dining room in shades of cream

Rich shades of cream are the selling point of the dining space in the next featured image. Along with tasseled pendant lights, an ornate dining table and a furry rug. Textures abound, and there are more details than meet the eye. But the fact that they all share the same color keeps the decor from being overwhelming. [from Alta Moda]

A dining room in shades of cream

Textured walls and cushions

If these walls could talk… They’d say “I’m out of this world!” Squares and triangles combine in a modern pattern that adds dimension and depth to this dining area. Add a zebra print bench with rust-toned detail and a curved table sculpture, and this luxurious space is transformed into a gallery-like showroom. [from Mobilfresno]

A contemporary dining room with textured walls and cushions

A dining room with a mineral wall

The dining space below features an accent wall with wavy bands that evoke the allure of agate and other mineral marvels. Black and white are the colors of choice in this room designed by Geometrix, but the white and tan patterned wall clearly steals the show. [from Sinbadesign]

A glossy dining room

A ruby red dining room

One color can say it all… And in this case, that shade is ruby red. Dramatic furnishings from Alta Moda give this dining room a royal appearance that mirrors the richness of the room’s hue. Stunning and bold!

A ruby red dining room

A jewel-toned room

Speaking of jewel tones, they are powerful when combined. Amethyst and sapphire are two of the featured colors in the room below. White carpeting and walls provide an ideal backdrop for these strong shades, which are strategically scattered to maximize their effect. [from Alta Moda]

A jewel-toned luxury bedroom

Bubble lighting

Say it with bubbles! Bubble lighting, that is. A whimsical detail that adds modern glamour to a room, this special touch certainly creates a focal point in the modern bedroom below. [from Hensley Premier Builders via Houzz]

Modern bubble lighting in a luxury bedroom

A bedroom filled with curved furniture

It’s hard to say what’s more striking in the next featured space–the combination of white and chocolate brown, or the fact that the furnishings come alive with unexpected curves. Modern design at its luxurious best! [from Mobilfresno]

A modern bedroom filled with curved furniture

Soft geometry

A look that is part modern, part Art Deco is showcased in the room below, designed by Geometrix. The space has the look of a movie set, yet a warm softness prevails, thanks to strategic lighting and an abundance of curves. [from Sinbad Design]

A geometric bedroom

Oodles of poodles!

There’s nothing subtle about the next featured space! Perfect for a teenage girl, this pink striped room is oh-so-Parisian. The best part: it doesn’t shy away from being over the top. Poodles create the motif of choice, along with crisp white trim and ornate accents. [from Alta Moda]

A pink and white luxury bedroom

A marble bathroom with designer perfume on every shelf

The marble bathroom below may look like your typical luxury space. But the clever display of jumbo designer perfume bottles takes this room to a whole new level. Beautifully decadent, the collection of bottles creates an unforgettable artistic statement. Throw in a steam shower and a whirlpool bath, and the room becomes a true spa retreat. [from Toni Sabatino via Houzz]

A marble bathroom with a perfume bottle display

Dramatic lighting and a statement tub

When one piece says it all… The bathtub in the next featured space is clearly the focal point of the room, especially when spotlighted by recessed lighting. [from Future Light Design via Houzz]

A bathroom with a statement tub

A bathroom in shades of gold, bronze and pink

Bring on the interesting color combination! Bronze, gold and rose create an irresistible glow in the powder room below. The key: gradually introducing shades of pink through special touches like towels and a gleaming counter top. No wonder rose gold jewelry has experienced a revival in recent years!

A bathroom in shades of gold, bronze and rose
A bathroom in shades of gold, bronze and rose

Is there an interior in today’s post that grabbed your attention? Or perhaps you liked elements of several different spaces and plan to combine them to create an unforgettable room. The images above have one big thing in common: they are unexpected. And when you manage to pull that off, the results are delightfully luxurious!


Kate Simmons
Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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