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How to Create the Perfect “Man Cave”

Sometimes the healthiest relationships are those in which both partners have their own separate space to retreat when they need a few hours to practice their hobbies or hang out with friends. In many instances, the area of the home reserved for sports games, poker nights and billiards is referred to as the man cave. In fact, this concept has taken off so well that it’s regularly referenced in pop culture and, now, in interior design, more distinctively than bachelor pads.

Man cave idea – elegant design for a wine tasting room

by Benvenuti and Stein

More often than not, the man cave is designed by the man himself with little to no influence from his partner. However, things can often go awry if the man in question has sparse design skills. In order to help the man in your home create a cave to fill his friends with envy, follow these tips —

Man Cave Designs

Sports themed man cave decor

by Debbie Wiener

Warm and cozy man cave design with shelves for racing helmets

by KDS Interiors, A.G. Photography

Choose elegant dark wood paneling and polished chrome accents to give the room more of an old fashioned gentlemanly spirit rather than a dingy frat house. Instead of displaying empty liquor bottles as trophies, create a more refined mini bar completed with a Kegerator or mini fridge.

Man Cave Furniture

Manly den with guns, books and fine liqueur on the shelves

by Jeffers Design Group / Photos by Matthew Millman

Unlike the men’s cigar parlors of old, it’s doubtful that the lord of this cave will want bookshelves full of dusty old literary classics. Thus, you’ll have to opt for other forms of entertainment. A large flat screen television, game consoles and a stockpile of video games should suffice – but try to keep these elementary “toys” hidden to create at least a façade of sophistication for more mature guests. Large wooden chests make great spots for Xbox controllers and Wii games in a pinch.

Finish off with limited décor in plenty of dark, masculine colors. Go easy on the throw pillows and keep wall art to three or four simple and classy pieces – such as vintage beer ads. However, don’t be afraid to add touches of comfort, such as area rugs and cozy seating. After all, who said a cave couldn’t be stylish?

Sophisticated, hunting-inspired man cave decor

by Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor / Photo: Alexander Vasiljev

Man cave decor with own private casino

by Beaugureau Studios

Stylish man cave decor

by Powell/Kleinschmidt

Downstairs man cave and recreation area design

by Dillard-Jones Builders

Man cave decor with poker table

by Buckeye Basements

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