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Best Alternatives to Granite Countertops

Every time a home decor trend becomes popular, people look for a way to tweak the style. It’s one thing to be en vogue, but it’s quite another to look like just another copy cat with a cookie cutter home interior. We all want to be a little bit unique – even if that means taking part in a fad in your own special way.

One of the current most popular home interior trends is granite countertops. They’re sleek, classy and just seeing this phrase among other assets in a description of a home on the market sends potential buyers into a frenzy. While almost everyone loves the look of natural stone, some people are looking for kitchens for sale and something just a bit more unique than granite.

We’ve compiled the pros and cons of the best granite alternatives.

Limestone – This sandy colored stone is naturally resistant to heat, extremely durable and versatile enough to look attractive in almost any kitchen style. It a naturally occurring material composed of hardened shells and fossils, which means it is also extremely durable. However, unlike granite, it is easily scratched and its color will change with age.

Limestone Countertops

Zinc – Like limestone, zinc is also a material that will develop a patina that many homeowners find attractive. It is a durable metal known for many impressive qualities – specifically the fact that it is naturally anti-bacterial. However, zinc is a relatively soft metal that can become scratched and damaged by heat.

Beautiful zinc counters

Sodalite – This stone is very similar to granite in many ways, but has a characteristic bright blue color. Its unique color means that it may not fit in well with every kitchen. However, although it is not as strong as granite, it is still an extremely hard mineral.

Sodalite – a great alternative to kitchen granite countertops

IceStone – Although it is not a naturally occurring stone, but it is both hard-wearing and beautiful. Made from recycled glass and concrete, this man-made “stone” is one of the most sustainable countertop choices available.

Icestone – one of the most sustainable countertop choices available

Terrazzo – Like IceStone, terrazzo is a man made countertop composed of a concrete base and decorative chips that are often made of marble. Also, like IceStone, they are very eco-friendly. However, they are very porous and if they are not sealed often, these countertops will stain easily.

Terrazzo kitchen island countertop

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