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Kitchen Color Schemes: 14 Amazing Kitchen Design Ideas

Do you think white is right?  We think that a white kitchen looks happy and homely. And putting together a white kitchen does not mean you have to paint everything white. There is more to a white kitchen that you like without realizing. It probably is the color pops that add to the beauty of the white.

There are so many colors that go amazingly well with white. The wall, floor, cabinets backsplash, countertop and appliances can carry the color that works magic with your white base. Let’s have a look at some of the attractive colors in a kitchen, shall we?

When there is white, yellow’s definitely got to be there. It gives out that fresh, cheerful vibes which can uplift the moods. Our suggestion would be to yellow light fixtures over your kitchen island, and maybe the top of your walls. Couple it with cool brown bar stools and you are all set.

If you love nature, please feel free to reflect it in your kitchen. Yes, green can look classic with your white if you give proper lighting. Opt for steel for your cabinetry and couple it with wood ceiling and floor. It’s cool, comfortable and calm.

Go for wood on cabinet and centerpiece for that beautifully sophisticated look for your white kitchen. Bits of stainless steel here and there can also add to its glory.

You want something more chic? Well, fuchsia is more your color. Here again, do not fill the kitchen with color. The color can pop in your barstools, and light fixtures. Muted black on your island looks stylish as well.

Not really a huge fan of white? Try ivory then. Go for scattered blue and ivory tiles for your backsplash and steel light fixtures. It is not so loud, but attractive enough. This is one cool and contemporary match …

So which one would you choose folks? How does your kitchen look like? Add a link in the comments below if you’d like to “brag” :)

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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