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Using Fall Leaves in Home Décor

One of the most recognizable symbols of autumn, and arguably the most beautiful aspect of the seasonal change, is the turning of the leaves. Summer’s bright greens slowly transform into a natural masterpiece of oranges, yellows and golden-browns. The colors spread across the landscape like paint across a canvas, transforming the trees into a gorgeous backdrop for any autumn activity. You may find yourself spending just a little more time on your patio enjoying nature’s beauty – but why not bring it inside?

Hanging ladder with autumn leaves

Here are three ways to incorporate autumn leaves into your home décor for fall:

1) One simple way to add a touch of autumn color to your home is to clip and gather small branches of brightly colored leaves and arrange them like flowers in a decorative vase. For a dramatic centerpiece, gather several large branches into a large vase or pot and surround with tiny tea lights. Just be sure the dry leaves aren’t set ablaze.

Outdoor, ferns and woods table

2) You can also easily create beautiful candle holders with mason jars by using the decoupage method. First dry and press the leaves until they are paper-like. Then adhere the leaves to the glass using a product like Mod Podge. You may need to add a second coat. Finish with an acrylic spray to set the leaves and create a nice sheen. The candle inside will show through the leaves, creating a beautiful autumn glow.

Rustic autumn decorations with leaves and branches / Image by Liz @ SavvySeasons.com
Autumn tablescape with pears, apples and leaves

3) A third option is to use leaves in a wreath or make them into indoor/outdoor garland. Start again by drying and pressing the leaves. You may want to preserve them with glycerin and an acrylic spray or silica gel if you plan to use them for more than one season. Fasten them to a wreath or garland using pins or hot glue as if you are working with paper flowers. The result will be a breathtaking collection of fall colors right in your own home.

DIY Autumn Wreaths Ideas

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