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Magic Design Of Alexandra von Furstenberg’s Acrylic Furniture

Acrylic furniture is a versatile solution for enjoying the material’s transparency without having to worry that it will easily break. There are many styles, colors and textures that can create a stunning interior design out of plexiglass, and Alexandra von Furstenberg’s Plexiglass Furniture is part of a modern, versatile way of arranging a crib that not only looks cool and fresh, but gives an aura of sophistication.

Since its launch in 2007, the AVF (Alexandra von Furstenberg) furniture and accessories company has delighted its clients with a wide array of high-quality plexiglass chairs, tables, decorative items and so on. By using geometric and prism shapes, the designer creates splendid pieces of furniture that are prepared to adorn both modern interiors and traditional spaces.

The plexiglass lends itself to an astonishing pop of color in a see-through material  It can look like candy that gives the eyes a moment of wonderment.  With the strategic placement of lighting, a literal feast of color can make any piece the center of attention.

Desks, dining and cocktail tables, capturing the designer’s love for faceted diamonds were shaped in plexiglass, while bowls, vases and trays were created to give a contemporary alternative to usual decorative objects made of other well-known materials. Her collections constructed out of plexiglass can inspire you to rethink your living spaces and give this interesting material a try. (Found on Trendland)

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