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GVAL Wooden Chair draws inspiration from nature with stylish curves

One of the most prevalent ways of modern designing is ‘bio-mimicry’ and while architects are using it in a widespread fashion to create staggering structures and buildings that draw inspiration from nature and borrow from the designs perfected by evolution, it seems those creating furnishings and décor are not too far behind either. Here is a great example of creativity, ergonomics and style all mashed into one wooden chair that can be used in several different forms with ease.


The GVAL Chair by OOO My Design can be used as a single chair with a separate footrest or as two separate chairs or as a chair and two stools and even as a chair with a footrest and a stool! The design has been inspired by the rings that one can observe inside of a tree trunk, which actually represent the age of the tree. The set is made from gorgeously crafted layers of bent plywood sheets that are used to recreate the ring like form. The flowing curves along with the polished finish blends together a raw and rustic appeal with contemporary design trends in an effortless fashion.

Designed by Gustavo Reboredo, Louis Sicard, and Nenad Katic, GVAL is perfect for your living area as well as office spaces and since you can simply put away the additional pieces into the main chair when not suing them, it tends to be extremely ergonomic and perfect for those who love furniture that can multitask and save up on space at the same time. (found on PlusMood)


GVAL Chair with wood flooring design

In the meantime, here are some tips for Earth Day 2012: repurposing, upcycling and reusing

Cristina Toplita
I write for decoist.

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