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Office Design from Recycled Pallets at BrandBase in Amsterdam

Regular readers know that some time ago we came up with this amazing pallet furniture collection. It’s structured in 6 parts and there are 58 stunning ideas on how you can recycle wooden pallets into unique pieces of furniture. Today we’re doing it again. Sort of. Because some of you liked the amazing office design of BrandBase in Amsterdam, we’ve dug as much information as we could and we’re telling you all there is to know about it.

In charge with coming up with this creative environment are the folks from Rotterdam-based Most Architecture. The Dutch designers decided to put this temporary open space office for BrandBase — an advertising agency in Amsterdam — in a narrow Dutch canal house that runs 27 metres deep. And the result is nothing short of stunning as everything in here is made of recycled pallets; yes, even the stairs, some of the tables, and in some rooms, the floors.

The new structure is inviting and rather facilitating. Mainly because of the nice contrast with the white washed walls. I must say that I love how these designers have created an office structure that slowly changes its character accommodating everything you need from such an area. Not sure if I would ever want to relocate my business from such offices, so guess I wouldn’t treat this as a temporary office but more like a place that will wow the clients.

What do you folks think?

Image Credit: [Rogier Jaarsma]

Alex Ion

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