Exciting Glass and Timber Home Aims to Revive Architectural Heritage of Mölle

Clean straight lines create a simple and stunning family home

To say that the scenic harbor and idyllic beaches of Mölle have had a colorful history would be an understatement indeed. And it’s early century architecture borrowed from this exciting and audacious spirit that dared to challenge popular conventions of the time. But both the architects at Elding Oscarson and the homeowners of this stunning home dubbed Mölle by the Sea felt that this desire…

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Rugged and Ravishing: 25 Bathrooms with Brick Walls

Satin-finish coated brick wall in the bathroom brings both textural beauty and a hint of glitter

Bathroom design in recent times seems to be heading in two distinctly different directions, with one set of homeowners wanting a spa-inspired, stylish and refined space that is completely contemporary and another group embracing textural beauty and imperfect elegance. Brick walls definitely fall into the latter category, as they bring along with them a touch of roughness, ample contrast and a few rough edges that…

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Project Organization: Decor for Sorting, Stashing and Storing

Storage baskets from The Land of Nod

Why is winter the perfect time to get a jump on spring cleaning? There are many reasons, but here are two to ponder: With the holiday decorations packed away, you see your home in a new light. And suddenly clutter is out in the open rather than being hidden behind the festivity of holiday garlands. Not to mention, with the weather less than ideal outdoors,…

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20 Chic Nursery Ideas for Those Who Adore Striped Walls

Lovely gold stripes make a big impact in the white nursery

If you have spent any amount of time around little ones, you will immediately realize that the hardest thing to accomplish is to hold their attention for any considerable period of time. Constantly seeking out new sights, sounds and experiences, even experts agree that a mundane and static room could bore a kid within a few days. This obviously means designing a gorgeous nursery that…

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A Luxurious Pavilion to Marvel At: House MZ in São Paulo

Spectacular modern pavilion at House MZ in Sao Paulo

It is absolutely no surprise that when it comes to contemporary homes, it is the synergy between the structure and its environment that is increasingly becoming the top priority for homeowners. This could range from something as simple as framing the distant mountain views to perfection, or a much more complicated task that allows the residence to blend in with the landscape in every sense…

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Libera: Bringing Snaidero’s Craftsmanship to Posh Modern Bathrooms

Libera bathroom design from Snaidero

Contemporary bathrooms have evolved to replicate the ambiance, style and opulence of luxury spas, and most homeowners are now on the lookout for ways that they can get in on this refined transformation. The name Snaidero is often associated with top-notch kitchens that are renowned for their fusion of Italian artistry and contemporary ergonomics. Libera, a part of Snaidero USA Living Collection, brings this sophisticated…

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Top Kitchen Trends for 2016

Black subway tile backsplash in a modern kitchen

It’s kitchen time! Looking to bring a new look to your culinary space? We’ve got you covered! As you read today’s post, you will notice that some of the top kitchen trends for 2016 sound a bit like our top design trends of 2016. After all, if mixing metals such as brass and steel is a strategy that’s growing in popularity, it makes sense that this…

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Monochromatic Magic: Refined Rental Apartment in New York City

Living room of lovely New York apartment with brick wall

One of the hardest things to do as you flip through the amazing array of inspiration that you come across on Decoist each day is to stop yourself from trying out the strategies and ideas just because you live in a rental. That’s right; the hardest thing for design aficionados to do is to contain themselves simply because they cannot make permanent changes to the…

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Tranquil Natural Vibe Adds Coastal Charisma to Modern Aussie Home

Stone accent wall in the living room with simple beach style

The idea of a relaxing holiday and an idyllic, sunny beach are almost intertwined with one another, and many of us find styles such as coastal and nautical both pleasant and relaxing. It is barely surprising then that these two styles along with beach-inspired décor sit on top of decorating styles perennially! Nestled in Newstead, a riverside suburb of Brisbane, Australia, Sunshine Beach House adopts…

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Lighting It Right: How to Choose the Perfect Table Lamp

Lampshades add pattern to the gorgeous Victorian bedroom

As you get deeper into decorating your home, you will realize that it is the tiny details that end up making the biggest difference. While the style, theme and color scheme of the room define it, it is lighting that ultimately sets the mood and creates an ambiance of your choice. In fact, a simple change in lighting can completely alter a room’s vibe and…

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