Bold Color Duos: Taking Orange And Black Beyond Fall And Halloween

Gorgeous fusion of black and orange with bright pops of blue [By: Michelle Harrison Design]

We are headed into that time of the year again when black and orange tend to take over interior decor and accessories. With Halloween just four weeks away, now is the time to start planning everything ranging from front porch lighting and spooky decorations to costumes that will steal the show. And the Halloween buzz has already started this year on Decoist with the cool…

Hot Trends: Talking Glass Countertops With Vladimir Fridman [Interview]

Exquisite modern kitchen designed by CGD

Want to add uniqueness to your trendy kitchen?  Thinking about filling it with a multitude of textures and exciting patterns? Then why not give gorgeous glass countertops a shot! From the exciting backsplash to the exquisite backlit countertop, glass is the hottest new trendsetter in kitchen design. And CGD Glass Countertops is one of the global leaders in the industry, offering its customers an amazing array…

10 Modern Bedrooms With An Ocean View

Modern California bedroom with an ocean view

Is it chilly where you live? Do you wake up some mornings and spend countless moments trying to convince yourself to get out of bed and start the day? What if you could stay under the covers and admire the stunning ocean view outside? Today’s waterfront escape isn’t tropical in nature. We’ve featured oceanside rooms in a previous post, but today’s spaces are all about…

CACHÉ: Le Klint’s Urbane Lamp Series Is The Season’s Showstopper!

Contemporary floor and pendant lamp series fro Le Klint - Cache

It is lighting that makes or breaks the appeal of an interior, and with a simple change in the lighting scheme, you can completely alter the ambiance of a home. This is probably one of the reasons for the wide range of lighting options that designers constantly seem to unleash. We have already been treated to two dazzling beauties from Le Klint this year in…

Smart Apartment Renovation Blends Modern Flair With Old World Charm

Gorgeous living area brings together the old and the new

Modern home renovations that bring together the old and the new in an exciting and appealing fashion are becoming the hottest new trend in the world of architecture. Gone are the days when homeowners wanted to start from scratch by completely dismantling existing structures. This new, sustainable trend is producing some amazing results. Located in the idyllic region of Tuscany, Central Italy is Lucca, a…

Talking Photo-Encaustics, Art And Interiors With Theresa Stirling [Part 1]

Theresa Stirling with her modern age art creation!

It is not very often that we have an opportunity to take a peek into the mind of a celebrated artist whose works are causing a stir in the world of home design. Theresa Stirling is a name that you will hear a lot more of in the years to come, as her remarkable and at times haunting art pieces leave you mesmerized. Decoist has…

How To Display Stainless Steel Pots

Stainless steel pots on a hanging rack

Today’s post is dedicated to stainless steel pots. They’re durable. They gleam with sleek style. And they look amazing when put on display in your kitchen! Why display something as functional as cookware? Because putting them out in the open makes them easy to access. And some kitchens have limited storage, leaving us no other option. If you need to display your stainless steel pots,…

Antolini Unveils World’s First Natural Stone That Fights Bacteria and Mold!

Captivating cosmic black for the trendy modern kitchen island

In our focus on aesthetics and design we often overlook another pivotal aspect of interior design. A perfect home is not just about the right colors, style and decor, but is more essentially a space that gives your family happiness and health while adapting to your busy lifestyle. Antolini has just taken a giant step towards making this a priority in home design by launching the…

Exclusive Concept Store In Brazil Blends Local Culture And Snazzy Creativity!

Michelangelo's Pietá blindfolded and scarlet ibis' grace the ceiling

Whenever we hear the word ‘Albus’, our mind immediately conjures up images of the unusual, the imaginative and the eccentric! It was way back in late 2012 that we stumbled upon the audacious office space that ALBUS Design Studio crafted in Porto Alegre, and ever since then, they have managed to leave a lasting impression with their unique style. Architect Henrique Steyer, who is the mastermind behind…

9 Exciting Ways to Use Yellow In Your Living Room

Eclectic living room with unique decor and gorgeous hues! [Design: Scott Sanders]

Yellow is one of the most versatile and adaptable colors that you will ever come across, and despite its wide range of hues and shades, it almost always infuses a room with cheerful charm. However, working with yellow can be a tad bit tricky in a space like the living room, where you want to make a stylish statement without overwhelming the area with too…

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