New Decor Arrivals for Kids’ Rooms

Toucan throw pillow

Bedding, furniture, storage. These are kids’ room basics. Today’s post is not about these essentials. It’s about those little extras that can’t help but put a smile on your face when you purchase them. A cool new lamp, a totally unnecessary but totally fun throw pillow. A toy that just might double as a display item on the bookshelf. These are the design-fabulous delights that…

Versatile Kitchen Compositions Blend the Contemporary with the Classic

Metallic kitchen island with lots of storage space

When we talk of stylish sophistication and modern kitchens, our mind always conjures up images of elegant, contemporary spaces with sleek decor and modular solutions. Changing this perception in a grand fashion with timeless design is the Montserrat Kitchen from Marchi, which combines state-of-the-art features and appliances with aesthetics that are inspired by the past. These lovely kitchen compositions bring together a beautiful blend of textures…

Old Shop in Turin Transformed into an Inimitable Contemporary Loft

Gorgeous loft apartment in Turin

Renovating and remodeling an old store into a modern loft is both a challenging and difficult task. Of course, we have seen some extraordinary renovation projects before that have involved everything ranging from old churches to Renaissance towers. But this loft in Turin stands out from the pack, thanks to its uber-modern design, relaxed appeal and smart use of the vertical space on offer. Crafted…

Classic Color Duo: Cheerful Allure of Yellow and Blue!

Fabulous blend of teal and gold in the living room [Design: High Fashion Home]

We are heading into that time of the year again when festive joy takes over with bright lights, family dinners and plenty of shopping. Also, it is the time when fall colors slowly start to give way as the winter chill creeps into the air. The memory of those warm, beautiful summer days seems like a distant past, and you quickly start to think about…

10 Sparkling Kitchens with Open Shelving

Beach house kitchen with modern open shelving

Open shelving is one of the most desirable features of today’s modern kitchen. Have you noticed that we usually see three main vignettes when it comes to filling open shelving–the minimalist, the crowded, or a combination of the two? In other words, people often take a “less is more” approach, featuring only a few well-placed dishes or objets d’art.  Then there are those who take…

DIY: How to Create a Unique Water Display That Showcases Your Travels

water display case, waters of the world, souvenir cabinet, diy project, diy crafts, diy, diy gift, diy decor, diy design, diy projects, interior design, recycled materials

It was while strolling along the shoreline of Sorrento on the southern coast of Italy that the idea came to me. The moment was so blissful that I wondered how I could capture a snapshot of it in my mind forever — but instead of my camera, I reached for a small bottle of hotel lotion I’d been carrying around in my bag. After quickly…

Jens Risom’s Family Retreat Charms with Timeless Beauty

Jens Risom and his amazing Block Island retreat

For those who love Mid-Century Modern decor, Jens Risom is no stranger. This brilliant Danish American furniture designer has produced some amazing furnishings and interiors over multiple decades. The most famous of them all is obviously the Jens Risom Chair, crafted out of surplus parachute straps that were available after World War II. It was in 1967 that the ingenious designer took up the challenge…

Exclusive Sustainable Decor Crafted from Reclaimed Materials

Rustic chest of drawers made from reclaimed painted wood

Sustainable furnishings and eco-friendly design are becoming more and more popular with each passing day, as homeowners are embracing a greener lifestyle. Part of this does involve cutting-edge gadgets that monitor your energy consumption and carbon footprint. But on the other end of the tech spectrum and equally important are reclaimed and repurposed decor collections that reduce, reuse and recycle with creative brilliance! Reason Season…

25 Creative Bedroom Workspaces with Style and Practicality

Fabulous home office is connected with the bedroom while offering ample privacy [From: Dana Berkus Interiors]

Adding a workspace to your bedroom can be a tricky affair, and some homeowners prefer to keep any electronic distractions away from the bedroom. Others, though, will tell you that the bedroom is probably the best place in the house to create a home office that is private and free from any distractions. Unlike the living area or the dining room, you have fewer diversions…

When Still Life Photography Meets Modern Design

Design vignette from Ferm Living

So many still life artists and photographers, so little time… Have you been enjoying the still life explosion that’s cast its glow over the realms of art and design? Just when I think I have a grasp on the major players, I discover a new photographer with an amazing gift for capturing carefully arranged items. In fact, the still life phenomenon has become so popular,…

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