Decorate with Pink for Love Month!

How to Decorate with Pink

Hey friends! I’m here to share with you today a different kind of DIY – the kind that takes a little shopping in your house for a change! Do you ever shop your house? I do it all the time. Whenever a room needs a little refresh, I start looking around my house to see what I can move around to create a “new” look….

10 Beautiful Gardens with Tropical Plants

Dramatic lighting in a tropical backyard

Do you live in a part of the world where very hot summers are the norm, and winter temps can fall below freezing, especially at night? In other words, not a tropical climate?! Kate here, and if you’re like me, no matter where you live, you’re determined to add some tropical greenery to your yard this spring, even if only in containers that can be…

Modern Minimalist TV Stands That Redefine the Living Room

Modern minimalist TV Stands

While we believe that the couch sets the tone for the style and theme of the living room, it is the entertainment unit or TV Stand that defines the overall look. Though the trend of TV-less living rooms is catching on, most of us still have the large television as the central component of the living room. Without the TV many of us are left…

15 Ingenious Bathrooms That Embrace Your Love for Books!

Foam spa in the bathroom along with an imposing shelf full of books

If you really think about it, bathroom reading is a strange phenomenon indeed. But the bathroom is probably one of the best ‘thinking rooms’ on the planet. How often have you walked out of the loo or the shower marveling at the new wacky idea that you just came up with? The bathroom is a safe refuge and a soothing hub that not only helps…

Celebrate Love with These 20 Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day date night from The Band Wife

Valentine’s Day is a special time of the year, as it gives us a reason to reflect on the power of love. Today’s post is a celebration of all types of love: love for friends, love for family, and yes, romantic love. Whether you’re a part of a couple or you’re happily single, there are many ways to celebrate February 14th, and I’ve always used…

Dramatic Landscape and Ocean Views Shape the Sagaponack Residence

Fabulous contemporary home in Sagaponack with ocean views

The quiet and beautiful neighborhood of Sagaponack in Suffolk County, New York is renowned for its lovely beaches and innumerable ponds and water bodies. This creates a unique and exciting landscape with coastal charm on one side and wetland magic on the other. Acting as a perfect gateway between both ecosystems is the stunning Sagaponack Residence designed by Bates Masi Architects. The exquisite contemporary residence…

Modular Bookcase System Blends Chic Style with Design Flexibility

Combine snazzy contemporary surfaces with warm wooden textures

Organizing a living room and finding that perfect balance between form and function is indeed a lot harder than it sounds. Each living room has its own floor plan and limitations in terms of space, and of course every homeowner has his or her own idea of the ambiance it needs to exude. While some prefer a dynamic entertainment center at the heart of it…

30 Ways to Create a Trendy, Dashing Industrial Dining Room

Gray walls and Tom Dixon pendants add contemporary beauty to the space [Design: Marco Polo Imports]

They say that fashion goes in circles and so does interior design. The last few years have seen a resurgence in styles and trends that have been largely perceived as outdated and boring in the 90s, trends dominated by simple cubes, beige and a turn towards modernity. Styles like Art Deco and midcentury have been revitalized by contemporary designers who have given them an elegant,…

Modern Art Prints by Vontrueba

Golden Pineapple by VonTrueba

When I recently came across the modern art prints of Vontrueba, I was beyond ecstatic. Not only are these geometry-, texture- and materials-influenced prints stunning in themselves, the product photographs/illustrations feature still life-style vignettes that fill me with design inspiration! Kate here, and today I’m shining the spotlight on Vontrueba, a studio founded by a London-based Spanish architect. Check out these stellar selections from three…

Modern Colorado Vacation Home with Enthralling Mountain Views

Gorgeous Colorado vacation home surrounded by snow covered slopes

Moving away from the traditional look of classic ski cabins, contemporary mountain retreats are embracing a whole new design style that seamlessly blends the modern with the rustic. Nestled in the snowy slopes of Colorado, this breathtaking getaway was designed by Morgante Wilson Architects for a family of passionate skiers, and the dwelling brings the comforts of an urban lifestyle to a relaxed, mountainside setting….

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