Shining A Spotlight On The Dazzling CLUB Collection By Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Collection at the Milan Design Week 2014

The name Tom Dixon evokes images of beautiful pendant lights that have become a staple in contemporary living rooms across the world. These curvy and sculptural additions add both geometric and textural contrast and often usher in a hint of metallic charm. Taking this style quotient to a whole new level is the flashy CLUB Collection from the British designer that made its debut at the…

How To Bring Home The Farmhouse Style With Panache!

Famhouse style kitchen and dining area in white

Classic, elegant and comfortable, the farmhouse style of decorating is all about keeping things simple and organic. Unlike many other modern interior design styles, this particular approach allows you to decorate with a wide variety of accessories and furnishings that add a touch of inimitable personality to your home. Pretty much any home can embrace the farmhouse vibe regardless of the landscape that surrounds it….

Eco-Conscious, Artisan-Crafted Sinks Sparkle With Contemporary Class

NativeStone Sinks from Native Trails

We are heading towards a future that seems to be a blend of innovative design and eco-friendly features that help build a greener tomorrow. While the construction industry is moving forward with innovations like shipping container homes and steel prefab structures to save up on natural resources and costs, the decor industry is taking a turn towards green manufacturing processes and biodegradable components. Crafted with…

Enhance Your Culinary Space With A Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

Stainless steel kitchen island with fresh fruit and greenery

Three reasons to love stainless steel: it’s durable, it reflects the light, and it’s stain- and heat-resistant. We at Decoist have recently been profiling interiors featuring this wonder surface, including kitchens with stainless steel countertops and stainless steel backsplashes. Did we mention that stainless steel is easy to clean? Today we explore a new realm for this metallic material–the stainless steel kitchen island. Check out the stylish…

10 Thoughtful DIY Gifts For Mother’s Day

DIY coconut lime body scrub

With Mother’s Day at the end of this week, now is the time to finalize gift plans to honor that special mom in your life. Sometimes the best way to give a memorable token of love and appreciation is to craft one yourself. Handmade gifts are unique, and they show a level of thoughtfulness that tugs at the heart. Today we feature a collection of…

Make Your Own Modern DIY Hanging Planter

Aqua DIY hanging planter

Today I’m sharing my latest DIY project with Decoist readers: a modern hanging planter. Just in time for spring, this easy-to-assemble creation celebrates clean lines and affordable design. Not to mention, purchasing a few supplies can allow you to craft several planters–hanging them in a group makes a big impact. Read on for all the design details… Before listing the supplies and steps, I want…

Make a Dramatic First Impression: 15 Painted Front Doors


There’s a lot that can be said about first impressions, right? A firm handshake, a warm smile, and even what you’re wearing allow people you’re meeting for the first time to see something about you that stands out. The same is true of your home, of course. Though your house can’t give a handshake or smile at your guests, it makes a first impression when…

Give Your Feline Friend Safe Access To The Outdoors With A Catio

Screened in patio

My cat LOVES spending time outdoors. But when a stray climbed over our fence and engaged our Little Mister in a feline fight, we started pondering building a catio–it’s a screened-in patio (baloncy, porch, enclosure) for cats, in case you haven’t heard. Often there are special features inside the catio, such as scratching posts and ledges for lounging. [from] Catios are on the wish lists…

How To Turn A Collection Of Natural Wonders Into Design Gold

Plant terrarium with black and white stones

Today something wonderful happened. While searching for a drill bit in the garage, I stumbled upon my husband’s collection of shells and rocks. Amassed throughout his childhood, this assortment of natural wonders contains everything from coral to agate. When I opened the lid to the glass jar, I was astounded by the number of treasures inside. I thought I had a great rock collection, but his…

Dreamy and Classic Boxwood Gardens

boxwood backyard landscape

Springtime is such a beautiful and wonderful time, isn’t it? We start to see all kinds of blooms, beautiful flowers, and color finally makes a comeback after a long winter. Though I am a huge fan of flowers, when it comes to large-scale landscaping, I prefer classic, lush greens. Boxwood is, in my opinion, a perfect candidate for getting this look, regardless of the size…

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