Interior Design Trend: Tropical Decor

Tropical duvet cover set

It started last year with the flamingos. Yes, the pink birds that rose to fame through the likes of ’80s art and the opening credits of Miami Vice. Around the same time, pineapples made a stylish appearance on everything from glassware to tea towels. Soon after, I predicted that parrots would follow, and they have. [from Zara Home] Not to mention, fruit-themed finds are everywhere this season,…

Fabulous DIY Fabric Wall Art For A Spring Home Decor Update

Felt geometric wall art DIY

If sprucing up your home is at the top of the list of your spring makeover ideas, then a crafty DIY solution may be just what you need to give yourself a push. One of the simplest ways to make an instant impact is by updating your wall art. Plain, boring walls can easily take center stage with the addition of some hanging decor. But…

Chinese Garden Stools For Interiors With An Oriental Charm

White Chinese garden stools for sleek modern homes

The last few decades have seen a narrowing of the gap between western and Asian design styles. In fact, many elements of each culture have been accepted as integral parts of a global style. While the Chinese school of interior design brings with it several classics, it is the elegant drum-shape and often perforated little stools that have quietly made the biggest move in the…

Scandinavian Home Decor Mixed With a Minimalist Use of Wood in Warsaw

Interior of the Scandinavian Style Warsaw Home

Many Polish apartments tend to adopt a simple Scandinavian style that is both aesthetically pleasing and minimal at its heart. Yet each one seems to have a distinct personality of its own, thanks to the use of subtle undertones that range from the rustic to the industrial. Located in the neighborhood of Szczęśliwicki Park in Warsaw, this gorgeous apartment designed by Soma Architekci is no…

Unique Easter Decorating Ideas

blue easter eggs display

Can you believe that Easter is just a few days away?! I love decorating for holidays, but I have to admit–I haven’t even started getting ready for Easter. My family and I exchange treats at this time, and I still have no idea what I’m going to buy or make for their gifts. It’s clear that this girl needs to get with the program! In…

Eco-Friendly Seattle House Blends Sustainability With Cheerful Elegance

Sustainable interior of the Seattle Home

Sustainability and energy efficiency are increasingly becoming an important part of home and office designs across the globe. Many homeowners are taking the help of pioneering architects to build their dream homes that put a smile on the face of the planet as well! Then there are others who are turning to groundbreaking designs like shipping container homes and versatile prefab metallic structures to cut…

16 Unique and Creative Staircase Designs

Modern staircase with unique design

A beautiful staircase can set the style for the rest of your home. Staircases made of iron fit in well with a French or Mediterranean style, while an all-wooden staircase represents more of a colonial or Cape Cod style. But with so many different materials and colors to choose from, you can have any style you wish. So today, our mission is to inspire you with…

Fascinating Tel Aviv Residence Appears To Float On Water In Grand Style!

Reflective pool around the Float House in Tel Aviv

If you come from the school of thought that perception is indeed reality, then this contemporary Israeli home does well and truly float on water for you! Surrounded by a sleek reflective surface and clad in glass and large basalt rocks, this house is all about creating the visual illusion of a breezy residence that is gently floating in mid air. While that is indeed…

Display Your Television On A Modern Media Console

Sleek modern media console

It’s official: you’ve decided to display your television set with pride! Instead of hiding it behind closed cabinet doors, you’re leaving it out in the open. I understand–I’m on the hunt for a modern media console myself. Something sleek and simple that will provide a stylish resting spot for a flat-screen TV. Are there affordable options? Are there compact selections? Yes and yes! Below you will find…

Glamorous Apartment In Paris Dazzles With Extravagance

Interior of the gorgeous Paris Apartment

The word glamour is often overused in the world of entertainment and fashion. But this exquisite apartment in Paris is truly deserving of the title. Draped largely in a black and white color scheme, its stunning design and the use of brilliant metallic accents in a golden tint usher in a sense of indulgent opulence. With Paris being the fashion headquarters of the planet, you…

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