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Eco-Friendly Home with Zero-Maintenance in Brazil Feels Open and Modern

Sustainability is a key factor that is shaping many residences across the globe in the last few years and it is no different with the Pipa House designed by Bernardes Arquitetura in Brazil. Created by the architects for a couple of entrepreneurs who wanted a home that felt natural, elegant and easy-to-maintain. The result is a home that is completely clad in glued laminated eucalyptus wood and glass, the house feels cozy and modern at the same time. The interior has an open plan living area and a dining area and kitchen that is connected to the outdoors on both sides sits right next to it. This gives the home a pavilion-style look with a spacious wooden deck and pool area next it.

Contemporary Pipa House designed by Bernardes Arquitetura in Brazil with a large pool area and garden

It is white and wood color palette that is used throughout the interior while a series of sliding glass doors connects the living area with the scenery outside. Automated systems allow those inside to control different aspects of the house while the materials used ensure that maintenance is kept down to an absolute minimum. Reliance on artificial heating and cooling systems is kept down thanks to passive heating and cooling even as custom green solutions improve efficiency. [Photography: Ruy Teixeira]

Glued laminated eucalyptus wood is used extensively throughout the house
Minimal wooden deck and pool extend the interior outside without any hassle
Open kitchen and dining area of the house is connected with the landscape on both sides
Open plan living area, kitchen and dining space of contemporary Brazilian home
Poolside seats give the homeowners an opportunity to relax and take in the sunshine
Sliding glass walls with wooden frame connect the spacious interior with the landscape outside

The lifting of the house off the ground ensures water tightness and ventilation for the floor slab, as well as a visit to the facilities that are distributed underneath it. The liner, with the docking system, allows adjustment and visitation to the HVAC systems. The house has individualized heating systems and air conditioning and electrical installations divided in modules, simplifying its maintenance and operation.

Warm lighting adds to the cozy appeal of wood inside the open living area
Dense vegetation around the house offers a natural blanket of privacy for the eco-friendly Brazilian home
Different blocks of the home help delineate the public areas from private spaces
Drapes coupled with sliding doors allow those inside to switch between privacy and unabated views
Floor plan of Brazilian home in glued laminated eucalyptus wood

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