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Woodsy Modern Micro-Shelter in Québec with Timeless Triangular Charm

There is something undeniably romantic and exciting about living away from all the urban rush and in the lap of nature, surrounded by nothing but its diverse sights and sounds. This is just the type of break that many of us look forward to and the fabulous La Pointe designed by L’Abri offers just that with a micro-shelter that moves away from the mundane. Shaped in cedar board and batten on the outside along with a tinge of metallic glint, this quaint little getaway in Quebec, Canada was inspired in form by the many charming A-frame houses of the 50’s and the 60’s. This is the story behind its triangular exterior while on the inside, things become even more interesting!

Triangular frame of the cabin is inspired by A-frame homes of the 50’s

One of the firs things we love about La Pointe is how its off-grid presence takes you deep into a terrain that overlooks woods and valleys even while offering a cozy refuge. On the inside, there is not too much space to offer, but whatever you have has been maximized to the fullest. The cabin can easily host 2 to 4 guests at a time and with a loft level bedroom and a lower level bench that can be turned into a bed, there is ample sleeping space here for everyone. The kitchenette and the fireplace in the corner make the escape even more special while providing you with exactly what is needed.

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Deck and wooden exterior of the cabin
Relaxing interior and covered deck of the cabin with a view of the outdoors
Simple ladder leading to the bedspace above
Small and elegant kitchenette in the corner
Upper level bedroom of the micro-shelter saves space with ease

Large bay windows of the cabin connect it visually with the world outside while a covered terrace allows you to enjoy the outdoors while still staying sheltered. Minimal, modern and yet filled with an air of nostalgia, this little refuge has it all! [From: Jack Jérôme, Ronny Lebrun]

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Wood and metal exterior of the micro-shelter in woods
Woodsy cabin interior is both modern and timeless
Beautiful little classic fireplace in the corner next to the kitchen
Beautiful little classic fireplace in the corner next to the kitchen
Bench on the lower level of the cabin can be easily converted into an additional bed
Cedar board and batten exterior of the micro shelter with a relaxing modern aura
Floor plan of ready-to-camp micro shelter in Quebec
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