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Elevated Modern Home in Western Red Cedar Beats Noise and Visual Congestion

If you have a home in a busy, urban neighborhood where traffic and people surround you at all times, privacy and just peace of mind become your biggest concern. Yet, we all are starting to increasingly live in such homes where the road seems too close to our house for comfort! Moving past this problem and creating a much calmer and visually elegant residence, Meridian 105 Architecture transformed the 33rd Street House by elevating its first floor six whole feet above the street level. This not only gives this Denver house a whole lot more privacy and cuts back on noise, but opens up new spatial avenues that make the interior far more efficient.

View of the 33rd Street House in Denver

The new first floor contains the living room, kitchen and dining area and each one is connected with the other in an unabated fashion. A neutral, white color scheme graces the interior with the backyard patio feeling like a natural extension of the house. Soil excavated during the foundation stage was used to shape the entry and the backyard while the upper level now contains an additional hall along with the master bedroom, walk-in closet and bathroom. A gabled roof that complies with local building codes puts the final touches on the gorgeous home. [Photography: Raul J. Garcia]

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Gorgeous master bedroom with a view to match the interior!
New elevated presence of the home keeps out street noise
Open plan living area, kitchen and dining in white
Staircase connects the different levels of the house with ease
View of the patio connected with the living room after sunset
Western Red Cedar exterior of the modern house

While the urban quality of the neighborhood was desirable to the homeowners, the considerable amount of foot & vehicular traffic turning the corner of this particular property necessited a creative solution for maintaining interior and back-yard privacy.

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Attic level bathroom of the master suite
Curated and private patio feels like an exterior of the living area
Revamped contemporary home in denver lifted above the street level
Floor plan of 33rd Street House in Denver

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