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This Weatherboard Workers Cottage in Melbourne Gets a Stunning New Extension

Few cities in the world see as many home conversions and extensions as Melbourne. It is a sign of how most homeowners in Melbourne are looking for ways in which they can alter their existing, classic home (be it Victorian, Edwardian or even a Workers Cottage like one on display today) even while preserving its original street façade. Nestled in a busy residential neighborhood of the city, the Valiant House was refurbished and revitalized using a smart rear façade crafted using concrete, glass, wood, and brick. Designed by A for Architecture, the new addition holds the open living area, family zones, kitchen and dining space of the house.

Gorgeous wood, brick and glass extension of the classic Melbourne home

As is the case with most heritage homes, it is the rear addition that comes to the rescue here, extending the living area even while leaving the two bedrooms at the front of the house largely untouched. What truly stands out in case of the Valiant House though is the brilliant use of whitewashed brick to usher in both textural contrast and pattern even as a stunning contemporary kitchen island in black along with a dark ceiling create a sense of sophistication. The dramatic is balanced carefully with the inviting as skylights bring in ample natural light with a view of the small rear garden adding to the effervescence.

Valiant House in Melbourne gets a new modern extension
Rear extension in brick, glass and wood
White, exposed brick wall for the modern extension
Black kitchen island and ceiling add drama to the interior
Interior of the cabinets in black add to the dramatic visual
Kitchen with wooden cabinets in the backdrop
First floor home office in the landing area

Décor is kept simple and modern with the concrete floor and the brick walls offering surfaces that are kid-proof and easy to clean. It is the top level that contains additional bedrooms along with a small home office as the careful blend of the modern and the classic is elegantly replicated here as well. [Photography: Peter Bennetts]

Kids nursery and play area with bright, yellow shelf
Lighting brings brightness and warmth to the interior
Living area with modern decor and a hint of greenery and nursery with pops of yellow
Closer look at the kitchen cabinet in black and wood
Exposed and painted brick wall inside the modern extension and bathroom in white

Sherry Nothingam

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