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Inspired by the Iconic Farnsworth House: Modern Texas Home Cloaked in Greenery

A Ludwig Mies van der Rohe masterpiece that has been studied by architects from across the globe for over six decades, the Farnsworth House offers a world of inspiration for experts and design aficionados alike. It is barely a surprise then that the owners of RoadRunner Residence in Austin, Texas wanted a home that was modeled on the iconic construction, after having fallen in love with it during one of their trips. Set amidst a lush green landscape and a steep hillside, the contemporary construction by North Arrow Studio reflects the scenery that surrounds it in a captivating fashion. With a flat roof and a silhouette in white, the residence seamlessly combines modernity with timeless design and natural goodness.

Gorgeous hillside residence in Texas inspired by Mies van der Rohe design

White is the color of choice both on the inside and the outside of the house with the shadows dancing across the blank canvas as the day passes. A large wooden deck is connected to the open living area and offers stunning views of the mesmerizing hills that surround the house and beyond. On the inside, décor is simple and elegant with a few mid-century modern icons like the Eames lounger making their presence felt. An accent wooden wall and the kitchen island usher in woodsy warmth even as the backdrop with herringbone pattern tile adds subtle pattern to the setting.

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White walls and a minimal outline borrow from the design of the Farnsworth House
Wooden deck of the RoadRunner Residence connected with the living room
Herringbone pattern tiles create a beautiful backdrop in the kitchen with wooden island
Interior in white adds to the impressive design of the flat roof house
David Hicks wallpaper for the contemporary bedroom

The cantilevered frame of the house allows it to float gently above the landscape with the bedrooms carefully hidden in the rear. Large glass windows and sweeping glass doors complete a relaxing retreat that pays fitting tribute to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s original creation. [Photography: Chase Daniel]

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Glass walls connect the interior with the landscape
Fabulous wooden accent wall in the living room
Modern Texas hillside home with a design inspired by the iconic Farnsworth house
View of the RoadRunner House from a distance
Floor plan of the RoadRunner Residence

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