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Loft 19: From an Old Weapon Factory to a Quirky Modern Home

Adaptive reuse of old structures brings much more than just cost-effective and planet-friendly housing. These revitalized and revamped buildings offer a chance to shape a unique blend of styles and textures, and to incorporate innovative features that simply do not find space in newly built contemporary homes. Loft 19 in Budapest, Hungary was originally built in 1913-15 to serve as a weapon factory. Nestled in a heritage industrial complex, the historic building was carefully preserved, restored and transformed into a classy and inimitable contemporary home by A+Z Design Studio and an architect and stylist couple.

Vintage, modern and industrial touches give the living room a surreal, science fiction appeal

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The four-story structure offers a total living space of 600 square meters, and a curated collection of décor that elegantly blends modern masterpieces, beautiful flea market finds and vintage pieces gives the industrial loft its trademark style. Another interesting feature is the cool combination of dark gray and pastel pink, which transforms the living space into a chic and glamorous setting that borrows from Hollywood science fiction sets. Despite the generous use of gray, there is a sense of excitement and energy throughout the loft, and nothing feels mundane or far too sterile.

Loft 19 in Budapest is a factory turned into unique contemporary home

Bright yellow tiles give the interior a quirky look

Chic and retro touches in the living room are accentuated by pastel pink and gray

Curated modern decor, vintage pieces and flea market finds shape the gorgeous renovated loft

Dining table and chairs keep things simple and space savvy

Smart wall art and vintage decor pieces for the modern dining area

Original beams of the house turned into smart bookshelves

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Modern industrial kitchen with a sparkle of stainless steel

Converting the concrete firewater tank in the attic was another stroke of genius that gives the home an air of luxury, while the boudoir-style bedroom clad in bright purple and pink takes you back in time almost instantly. With bookshelves crafted from reused structural beams and large industrial-style windows that usher in ample light, this dashing loft brings together several different contrasting worlds in a grand fashion. [Photography: Beppe Brancato]

Mid century bedroom design with flair and color

Vintage side table, bright splashes of purple and pink give the bedroom a boudoir look

Classic bedroom dressign table and mirror with a bright purple backdrop

Sparkling touches of gold for the bathroom sink add to the retro modern vibe

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Corner standalone bathtub for the stylish retro bathroom

Bathroom in pink and white with a dash of gold

Large industrial style windows bring ample light into the revamped loft

Staircase in gray with openings for light to flow through

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