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Ways To Make Inexpensive Furniture Look Expensive

Ways To Make Inexpensive Furniture Look Expensive
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One of the most important aspects of home design is the use of furniture. It doesn’t matter the cost. If you set out to get specific pieces that suit the theme of your decor and you arrange it tastefully, then you’ve won!

However, expensive furniture does not automatically imply elegant decor. It takes a bit of creativity and panache to pull several aspects of decor together and come up with something uniquely yours.

Ways To Make Inexpensive Furniture Look Expensive
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However, many people wonder how to use less expensive furniture to make their homes look great. Well, hopefully you learn a thing or two from this piece.

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A piece of furniture is generally a movable object that serves a purpose. Whether it is sitting, eating, reading, or sleeping, it will fulfill its function. What you should be looking for when buying furniture is a piece that offers both functionality and aesthetics.

Now here are some really cool tricks that can take your inexpensive furniture from bland to wow!

Paint Your Furniture

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So you got a lovely-looking vanity from a thrift store, but it looks battle-worn. Give it some tender loving care by painting it. It will protect the piece from deteriorating and also increase its ornamental value.

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Apply Contact Paper

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You use contact paper to enhance your furniture and make it look different. Make sure to go for the modern types with “removable” written on them. It’s another way to upgrade the appeal of your furniture. You can use it on many parts of your home like bookshelves, countertops, staircases, cabinets, and more.

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Leather has always been associated with luxury. There is good durable leather out there that doesn’t cost a lot. Look for faux leather, corrected grain leather, split leather, full-grain leather, aniline leather, and more.

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Use A Sheepskin Rug

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If you live in a colder environment or other harsh conditions, adding a sheepskin rug will do you lots of good.  Sheepskin rugs or throws on your furniture are the perfect way to keep your home warm and beautiful without breaking the bank. It can even be placed on an uncomfortable chair to make it more pleasant to sit in.

Design Accent Tables With (Fake) Marble Or Wood

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Adding marble to your furniture also increases its ornamental value while giving off an expensive vibe. But unfortunately, natural marble is quite costly and can be tarnished by oil and acidic substances over time.

Go for fake marble instead. It is highly resistant to stains, oils, and discoloration; it’s also lighter in weight than the natural one. Artificial marble can be constructed according to your preference, making it easier to install.

A table with a wooden top can also look more luxurious and of better quality.

Source: This is my homeYour furniture doesn’t need to be expensive to look luxurious. With these tips, you should be able to make your furniture look trendy without spending too much.

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