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1920’s Warehouse in Los Angeles Turned into a Splendid Modern Industrial Loft

Rugged and yet polished, stylish and yet surprisingly understated, practical and still pleasing, the Arts District Loft is many worlds in one. A 2,000-square-foot loft in a warehouse from the 1920’s, this dashing modern industrial is nestled in Downtown Los Angeles and draws you in instantly with its dark, flamboyant vibe. The open living area of the loft sits on an elevated platform when compared to the dining area and kitchen next to it. Existing partitions of the loft are done away with and every space inside has been revamped and redone to give it a contemporary sheen. Yet, a distinct industrial undertone runs throughout thanks to the concrete flooring, walls, exposed duct pipes and large, industrial-style windows.

Metallic accents, modern decor and lovely lighting enliven the industrial interior

The undoubted highlight of the loft revamped by Marmol Radziner is the series of floor-to-ceiling custom bookshelves that separate the living room the large, altered master suite. These distinctive bookshelves rotate 90-degrees and also offer comfortable sitting on the master bedroom side of things! But the apartment has much more to offer than just striking bookshelves with unique lighting fixtures in black that complement its industrial style, a kitchen that is draped in black and gray along with a contrasting white backsplash and a bedroom that is minimal, inviting and a touch masculine.

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Exposed concrete walls and a polished floor blend in beautifully with the industrial vibe of the home
Raised level of the living area sets it visually apart from kitchen and dining
Custom rotating bookshelves separate the living area from master suite
Large windows bring natural light into the modern industrial loft
Fabulous kitchen in black with stunning lighting and an island in bluish-gray
White backsplash stands out in the kitchen thanks to black cabinets and dark gray island

A spacious reading and conversation zone in the corner of the master suits sits right next to the rotating bookshelves even as large gray curtains, décor that brings bright, metallic dazzle and a color palette dominated by black and gray put the final touches on a superb transformation. [Photography: Jessie Webster]

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Renovated warehouse turned into a fabulous modern industrial loft in LA
Sitting area in the master suite with rotating bookshelves that lead to the living space
Spacious master suite of Los Angeles loft with a sitting and reading zone in the corner
Gorgeous use of carpet and floor lamp brings a dash of yellow to the steely, industrial loft
Innovative chandelier lighting in black for modern industrial dining area
Minimal industrial bedroom with an accent wooden wall
Floor plan of renovated Arts District Loft in Los Angeles

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