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Nifty Extension with Walk-On Skylights Enlivens This Terrace House

Whether you want to give your kitchen wonderful daytime illumination or wish to bring the sky and stars into the bedroom, skylights get the job done with ease. The many advantages of conventional skylights and light tubes are well known to many of our readers already, but why not take this a step further with cool walk-on skylights?! Nestled in an affluent neighborhood of Westminster, London, this gorgeous Grade II listed terrace house showcases the design flexibility offered by walk-on skylights, even when it comes to renovating and extending classic, heritage homes.

Modern extension to Grade II Listed House in Westminster

Designed by Pardini Hall, 102BG is a beautiful, traditional London terrace home that was in need of a simple yet efficient modern extension. Taking into account both the restrictions that surround revamping such homes and the space available, both the architects and the homeowners felt that a rear extension was the best possible option. Leaving the street façade unaltered, the new addition is spread across two different levels and houses the kitchen, dining room and home office, among other spaces. But it is the use of large walk-on skylights that draws your attention instantly, as the top level skylight also serves as a beautiful private terrace.

Walk-on skylights provide great natural ventilation even while creating outdoor space

Private deck that overlooks the garden

Contemporary glazed extension revamps classic London home

Home office connected with the top level deck that features a walk-on skylight

Large skylight enlivens the new kitchen space of the London home

Bringing in plenty of natural light and giving the old home a brand new lease on life, the lightweight extension does its very best to blend in with the existing brick façade, even while showcasing elegant contrast. With the house being revamped, even the rear garden and alfresco space were altered and given a fresh perspective, with many of the indigenous ferns being carefully relocated and donated to Belgrave Square.

Classic design combined with modern elements inside the London Residence

Private deck and al fresco at the revamped London home

View of the skylight from the lower level of the house

New landscape and rear yard of the grade II listed house in London

A look at the London home before the proposed addition

New design and skylights transform the classic Westminster Residence

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