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Hub Living: Victorian Terraced House Turned into 11 Custom, Clever Bedsits

There are many different ways in which old homes can be renovated and extended to give them a new lease of life. In the last few years we have seen classic residences being given a new lease of life using smart rear extensions that connect the interior with the outdoors. But this Victorian terraced house in London has been creatively and ingeniously turned into 11 exquisite bedsits by Bicbloc – each one featuring a custom wooden unit that contains several storage units and an ability to transform into different décor pieces. It is this woodsy installation that ends up stealing the spotlight!

Victorian terraced house with 11 bedsits has a space-savvy design

The wooden box creates a room-within-a-room of a much different kind with cabinets and shelves that slide open, doors that can be moved to reveal a single-wall kitchen and a platform bed at the end of it all. On the other side is another wooden wall with storage units and a work desk that also disappears when not in use. A blend of natural light and artificial recessed light brings brightness to every corner of the home while a bathroom at the end of it all completes these fabulous 18 square meter bedsits. [Photography: Laura Encinas]

Custom wooden unit inside the apartment brings different functionalities to the ultra-small bedsit
Each of the 18 sqm small apartments has a smart layout that depends on custom wooden structure
Hub Living in London with smart design and custom wooden decor
Lighting creates different moods inside the small apartment units with simple design
Wooden cabinets swing open to reveal ample storage space along with a workdesk

The client wished to convert the property into a new co-living concept branded as Hub Living. The response to the brief was a high-quality development which would operate as serviced apartments and addressed to professionals and executives that expect quality, comfort and central location under the same roof.

Wooden units inside the apartment also bring ample storage along with them
Bathroom inside the apartment unit that is all about space-savvy design
Small contemporary bathroom in white with glass shower area
Street facade of the Victorian terraced house in London with clever bedsits

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