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Big Little House: Classic and Contemporary Entwined with Light-Filled Functionality

Terraced houses from the Victorian and Edwardian era are something of a common occurrence in reclusive, inner city suburbs across Australia, and when viewed from the outside, Big Little House seems absolutely no different. This classic Victorian terrace home in Fitzroy North, Melbourne is truly one of a kind, though, as it combines a traditional, heritage front façade with a space-savvy, contemporary interior in a fluid and efficient manner. Working around both the historical and solar limitations of the site, Nic Owen Architects revamped the interior of the home completely by altering its floor plan and also added a modern rear extension.

Elegant living area with a bright purple couch connected with the rear patio

Designed to meet the growing needs of a family with 2 children, the extended and altered house now features 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a gorgeous study and of course an open plan living area on the lower level. While the name of the house might be a bit misleading (at 1500 square feet, this is definitely not a little home by any stretch of the imagination), it still is a makeover that makes clever use of every inch of square footage on offer. The living area and kitchen open up into the rear patio and enjoy the benefits of a breezy indoor-outdoor interplay. With smart ambient lighting being coupled with gorgeous Coral pendant lights, there is never a dull moment here.

Lower level living area and kitchen of the Big Little House

Kitchen cabinetry and living room shelves delineate one space from the next

All-white contemporary kitchen with smart central island and ample cabinet space

Clever skylight design brings natural light into the dining room

Under staircase storage area design

Space-saving home workspace design in the corridor

Bedrooms on the second floor, a dining space and bathrooms receive a healthy dose of natural light, thanks to the presence of skylights, even as a neutral color scheme, modern décor (with a few midcentury classics thrown in) and beautiful wooden cabinets ensure that you never feel cluttered inside this residence. For a Victorian home that sits on a lot that is just 5 meters wide, it does feel like a masterful makeover! [Photography: Christine Francis]

Revamped interior of the Victorian terrace house in Melbourne seems surprisingly spacious

Minimal and modern, space-saving bedroom design

Bright and breezy contemporary bathroom with skylight

Ambient and pendant lighting brings the lower level living area alive

Contemporary and classic sit next to one another at the Big Little House

Brick exterior of heritage Victorian terrace house in Australia

Classic street facade of Big Little House by Nic Owen Architects in Fitzroy North

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