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This Victorian Home in Noe Valley Acquires a Vibrant New Personality

Transforming a Victorian home in the Noe Valley Neighborhood of San Francisco, California into a stylish, modern residence that meets the demands of a newlywed couple, Geremia Design filled the 25th St Residence with bespoke décor and custom finishes. Giving the home a unique personality of its own that combines modernity with a lingering Victorian vibe, the fabulous makeover bridges two contrasting eras and design styles without trying too hard. The dark street façade of the remodeled house stands out visually from the homes that surround it and gives it a distinct identity.

Kitchen and dining room that flows into the backyard

Step in further, and this idea of exclusivity is reinforced by a living room where the exposed concrete fireplace and the mirror on the mantel combine to create an artistic focal point. There is no lack of color inside this living space, with the corner areas being utilized as quiet and comfy reading / conversation zones. Draped in simple neutral hues and warm wooden tones, the kitchen and dining space exude a more transitional style, with beautiful pendant lighting and skylights illuminating this space evenly.

Exposed concrete surfaces add textural contrast to the modern interior of the Noe Valley House

Interior of the lovely Victorian house give a modern facelift

Globe chandelier and bright pink couch give the modern interior a VIctorian touch

Creative decor and mirror transform the space surrounding the fireplace

Cozy conversation nook and breakfast zone at the revamped Victorian house in San Francisco

Standalone bookshelf in the home office is a space-saver

Traditional kitchen with smart pendant lights

Wooden surfaces give the modern kitchen and dining a mellow, traditional vibe

While the public spaces seem far more transitional, the bedroom and bathrooms completely embrace cool contemporary style with minimal décor and a white and gray color scheme. Beautiful blue accents, a floating wooden vanity in the bathroom, and a shower area with penny tiles add visual contrast, even as cleverly placed artwork and wall murals in the kids’ room usher in a hint of bright color. [Photography: Matthew Millman]

Sculptural metal and wood staircase design

Staircase connects the various levels of the stylish San Francisco home

Modern bedroom in white with a dash of blue

Decorating the bedside table in style

Floating wooden vanity and backsplash give the bathroom an organic twist

Penny tiles create glittering walls in the shower area

Wall art adds an interesting twist to the spacious modern bathroom

Modern nursery in gray and white

Formal dining room with a smart sideboard and a dining table in white

Street facade of the revamped 25th St Residence by Geremia Design

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