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This Revived Victorian Cottage with a Rear Addition is Full of Light and Modernity!

The idea of giving a Victorian cottage a modern makeover is all too common on the face of it. But every renovation, addition or extension demands something different and unique. The Hawthorn – Lawes Street extension in Melbourne goes down a different path with its new rear extension and refurbishment as it also gets a new street façade! With most Victorian homes and cottages, the street front of the house is completely left untouched or given a quick brush up at the most. But with this smart Melbourne project, the façade is redone using naturally oiled Cyprus timber battening.

New street facade of the Victorian house with oiled Cyprus timber battening

Designed by Habitech Systems, the new interior of the cottage has a revamped floor plan with the bedrooms now moving to the front and the rear extension housing the open plan living area. The refreshing and light-filled living area contains the kitchen and dining space as well and embraces a color scheme in wood and white. This gives the home a spacious visual appeal even while maintaining a link between the more traditional existing home and the new addition.

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Marble kitchen island and breakfast bar idea
Neutral color and a traditional ambiance hold sway in the kids’ room
Open plan living area of the Victorian Melbourne home with kitchen and dining
Rear extension to the Victorian home holds the new living area and kitchen
Smart and efficient kitchen layout with an island that serves as breakfast zone
Wood and white kitchen are becoming increasingly popular across the globe

Clever arrangement of spaces throughout the house also ensures that the flow between one to the next is unhindered. Opening up to the backyard, the rear addition invites the outdoors inside with large glass windows, which take a metallic, bay window form when they transition into the bedrooms and kids’ spaces. A beautiful new family house no sits in a place that was once occupied by an old and dreary structure. [Photography: Nic Granleese]

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Gorgeous green garden and a modern entry revamp the old Victorian residence
Large windows and comfy seats create a cheerful and spacious interior
Lawes Street Extension gives new life to an aging Victorian home
Revitalized and redone Victorian house in Melbourne with a smart rear extension
Beautiful bay windows in the kids’ rooms
Box-style bay windows bring the outdoors inside

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